A windsurfing trip for every skill level this May – Planet Windsurf Holidays guide you through

As the leading tour operator in the UK when it comes to booking windsurfing holidays, Planet Windsurf Holidays have clients of every skill level. Whether you are a beginner just finding your feet, an advanced wave rider looking to try new tricks or an on-trend sailor wanting to learn to windfoil, they can recommend the perfect getaway for you. And when it comes to really progressing your skills, they recommend a guided trip as it allows you the opportunity to learn from great instructors, spend days really dedicated to windsurfing while connecting with likeminded travellers. Keep reading to find out what clinic or camp they recommend for your skill level this May!

Beginner windsurfers

Those just learning to windsurf will absolutely love the Beginner’s Windsurf Clinic that is being run in Karpathos over two different weeks this May. Perfect for adults and children looking to get into the sport, this camp in Greece is the ideal escape for a summer spent in the sea and sun! Crystal clear waters and light wind conditions are the standard for mornings at Chicken Bay and it is the perfect spot for beginner windsurfers. With beginner equipment and even special equipment for kids, fast progression is guaranteed and when you are not on the water you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking or SUPing in this picturesque region.

Freeride windsurfers

Dreaming of the perfect freeriding conditions? You will find them in Bonaire for the Andy Brandt Freestyle Clinic. You need to be able to take and jibe a shortboard in all wind conditions to join this clinic which has a focus on improving your freestyle skills and tricks. The shallow water in Bonaire is perfect for practicing jibes while the small waves further out in the bay are perfect for jump training. The water outside the reef is dead flat and ideal for speed blasting. Whatever skill you are looking to master, the windsurfing instructors will be on hand to help you progress to the next level!

Wave sailors

Are you an experienced wave rider looking to improve your skills? Then the Waveriding Xperience in Le Morne, Mauritius is perfect for you. Under the watchful and protective guidance of trained professionals you can progress your wave riding skills safely at one of the best spots in the world. Running from the 19th to the 26th of May, training throughout the week will include best practices for gear set up as well as how to perfect your carve jibes and short-board tacks. When you have those basic right, wave training, critical situation response, correct positioning and how to read the conditions are the next step. Before you know it you will be riding the epic waves of Mauritius with the best of them.


From the 27th of May until the 3rd of June you can join a unique week of windfoil coaching in Golf de Roses. Time on the water will be spent with William Huppert, the World Cup competitor and one of the most experienced wind foil riders in Europe. Golf de Roses is the ideal spot for learning to foil and the centre is equipped with the latest Fanatic Gecko Foil Edition Boards. To help you really hone those foiling skills, the use of video coaching and BB Talkin helmets will be incorporated into the training.




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