Janine Avery’s top 5 reasons to windsurf in Mauritius, whatever your level

Words & pics: Janine Avery

Mauritius is one of those idyllic island destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and having visited this magical country before I assumed I had ‘been there, done that.’ But when Planet Windsurf Holidays sent me over to the island recently, I jumped at the opportunity and was reminded just why Mauritius is referred to as heaven on Earth.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should go windsurfing in Mauritius:

  1. Wind, wind, wind and more wind

There is nothing worse than booking a windsurfing holiday months or even years in advance, looking forward to your trip for that long, and only to be stuck in the doldrums for your entire vacation. During my two week’s in Mauritius this August there wasn’t a single day without wind. Generally speaking the wind was lighter in the mornings, building up throughout the day to a nice and steady 15-20 knots. The wind does fluctuate with rain squalls, disappearing just before and after the clouds hit, but these don’t last long so don’t but a damper on the day.

  1. Different spots to choose from

From the East, to the West, North and South coasts, the entire island offered up a variety of spots, each with its own unique blend of conditions. If the wind wasn’t blowing exactly where we were, a short drive and the wind speed and direction was just right. In just an hour and a half you can get from one side of the island to the other so you will also find a spot to suit your needs. Car rental is however essential if you want to discover the island as taxis are expensive and the local buses will add hours to your trip when you could be out windsurfing!

  1. Safe and secure for learning to windsurf

Almost the entire island of Mauritius is protected by a reef, resulting in safe and shallow protected lagoons that are just perfect for learning to windsurf. I watched newbies learn the basics on the beach of their hotel while their other halves lounged, cocktail in hand, enjoying the show. When they were ready to venture out, the water was only waist deep with no waves, current or scary creatures to brush against swimming legs. Instructors and even rescue boats were within shouting distance, providing an enjoyable environment that is just perfect for learning the basics of windsurfing.

  1. So much more to see and do 

On the off chance that you don’t get as lucky as I did with the wind, you don’t need to despair. While the Mauritius resorts offer a whole host of inclusive activities to enjoy, this tiny island also has a number of exciting adventures for those who really want to get out and explore. Race around in the mud on a Polaris, visit the tiny islands that dot the coast on a catamaran cruise, get your thrills with a seakarting experience, go quadbiking or even see the underwater world in a submarine. The choices really are endless. Getting out and discovering the country behind the touristy hotels really was one of the highlights of my trip.

  1. Luxury like no where else on Earth 

After a busy day of exploring or an energetic day out on the water, I really needed a place where I could just relax. Mauritius is abundant with hotels that allow you to do exactly that. From watching the fishermen go by from my own private pool at 20 Degrees South, to dining on duck at the St Regis’ authentic Thai restaurant and sipping on Pina Coladas at Zilwa Attitude, I managed to take some time between windsurfing and discovering Mauritius to kick by feet up and just chill. In my hectic life, any place that allows me the opportunity to just disconnect from technology and reconnect to those things that make me truly happy, is one that should be visited time and time again!

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