Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

A la la la la long – Mistral Freebird 350, Albatross 320 longboards, Revival 5.5m windsurf rig review

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger For Windsurfing UK our commitment to covering longboards and associated gear continues with this look at Mistral’s Freebird 350, Albatross 320 and Revival 5.5m rig. First up you notice that both boards feature a full EVA deckpad for additional comfort. This is both for cruising but also if you’re in the progressing stage of windsurfing […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

All over it! – Patrik f-ride 125L GET 2019 windsurf board test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger This is the third sled from Patrik Diethelm’s windsurfing brand we’ve tested and we have to say that as good as the other two are this is our favourite. Coming once again in GET construction it’s an eye catching machine that stands out – especially in the sunshine. Keep all your kit on colour point […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Progressive flight – Starboard Foil 111L 2019 windfoil windsurf board test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger Starboard’s range of foil specific boards are something we’ve been wanting to get our mitts on for a while. For this test we took the second smallest (quoted dims) of the range for a spin. Starboard bill the 111L as a sled for those of advanced foiling skill who want a board to cope with […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Easy hardcore – Severne Nano 93L 2019 windsurf board test

Words & pics: WSUK Having tested Severne’s Dyno 105 parallel concept freestyle wave board in 2018 it made sense to shift focus to the brand’s more hardcore parallel rail board: the Nano. In this instance the 93L version. As with the Dyno we doff our caps to Severne’s construction techniques which sees the Nano 93L being a robust and durable […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

GET some! – Patrik f-cross 112L GET 2019 windsurf board test

Words: James Jagger Pics: Jeff Owen Ever the multi-talented individual usual WSUK camera genius James Jagger also has a few windsurfing skills of his own tucked away. As such, for the purposes of this test of the Patrik f-cross 112L GET constructed freestyle wave, Jimmy took the reigns – over to him for the low down. Constructed in softer feeling […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Access all areas – Fanatic JAG 135L 2019 LTD windsurf board test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger When we heard Fanatic’s brand new 2019 JAG 135L LTD was on the way we were expecting a sort of detuned slalom board. From everything we’d read this seemed to be the best way to think of the JAG without having actually got it wet. Post-water sessions, however, and there’s more to it than that. […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Wave heads apply here – Tabou 3S+ 96L 2019 windsurfing board test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger We’re no strangers to the 3S concept having used a bunch of different types over the years. In fact, WSUK’s very own test editor’s wife used to own one. This is the first time we’ve actually tested a Tabou offering for WSUK though – in this instance it’s the super charged Tabou 3S+ 96L we’re […]

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Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker on windsurf design: part one windsurf #boards

Interview: WSUK Pics: Witchcraft Windsurfing, James Jagger When it comes to design of windsurfing equipment Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker – having been involved in windsurfing since the early days – has seen it all, dabbled with it all and had a hand in (literally) shaping things to come and how things are now. Whether it be hard wearing windsurf boards or […]

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X – F2 Xantos: classic freeride design from long time windsurfing brand

F2’s Xantos has appeared in a few different guises, yet it’s always been a board about easy freeride. Utilising an egg shaped design, with the majority of volume towards the rear of the board underfoot, it was aimed at the freeride market and described as an easy blaster with decent speed and user friendly. Probably the most recognisable Xantos was […]