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New options for your windsurfing holiday – Planet Windsurf Holidays top tips

Going on a windsurfing holiday can be the best thing you can do to increase your skills in a relaxed and fun environment. However, not ever holiday is created equal. Book the wrong hotel and your week’s break could end up in disaster, but book the right one and a good holiday becomes a truly great one. The team at […]

Windsurfing UK windsurf travel

Janine Avery’s top 5 reasons to windsurf in Mauritius, whatever your level

Words & pics: Janine Avery Mauritius is one of those idyllic island destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and having visited this magical country before I assumed I had ‘been there, done that.’ But when Planet Windsurf Holidays sent me over to the island recently, I jumped at the opportunity and was reminded just why Mauritius is referred […]

Windsurfing UK windsurf travel

You need to start planning your end of year windsurfing holiday now!

Words & pics Planet Windsurf Holidays The first six months of the year have already passed us by and if you haven’t started planning your end of year holiday already you might be too late. With accommodation filling up fast for Christmas and New Year getaways to some of the very best windsurf destinations on the planet, you will want […]

Windsurfing UK windsurf travel

Why you should go windsurfing in Mauritius…Planet Windsurf Holidays

For the team at Planet Windsurf, the UK’s leading windsurfing holiday specialist, it just doesn’t get any better than Mauritius. This Indian Ocean island boasts turquoise reef protected lagoons, consistent winds that blow from March to November, a variety of luxury hotels that are perfect for travelling with partners and families, and some of the best wave spots in the […]

Windsurfing UK windsurf travel

A windsurfing holiday to the greatest city in the world, Cape Town

With Telegraph readers recently choosing Cape Town as the greatest city in the world, Planet Windsurf Holidays, the UK’s oldest windsurfing holiday travel specialist, tells us why they recently decided to open an office in Cape Town!   The weather just doesn’t get any better Located right at the tip of South Africa, Cape Town offers fantastic weather for most […]

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Exciting options for your next windsurfing holiday – Planet Windsurf tell all…

Looking to book your next windsurfing holiday but can’t decide where to go or what to do? The team at Planet Windsurf Holidays have the answer! Check out these new and exciting options for your next windsurfing travel adventure! Visit Cape Town: the number one city in the world Recently The Telegraph said that Cape Town is the number one city […]

Windsurfing UK windsurf travel

What to consider when booking your next windsurfing holiday – Planet Windsurf Holidays give us the info

Words and pics: Planet Windsurf Holidays Planet Windsurf Holidays are the UK’s largest and oldest ATOL & TTA bonded Windsurf Holiday Travel Specialist and their team is always on hand to offer expert advice on windsurfing holidays. Whether you are looking for fantastic wave spots, a flat water dream destination with a pristine marine environments, beautiful stretches of beach where […]