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No myth! – Avanti Sails Icarus 5.5m foil specific sail test.

Review: Tez Plavenieks Pics & vid: Oli Lane-Peirce In Greek mythology Icarus, son of master craftsman Daedalus (who also created the Labyrinth), attempt to design a pair of wax/feather wings to escape the island of Crete. Unfortunately, having flown too close to the sun, the wings fail and Icarus falls from the sky. With Avanti Sails’ Icarus foil specific sail […]

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A la la la la long – Mistral Freebird 350, Albatross 320 longboards, Revival 5.5m windsurf rig review

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger For Windsurfing UK our commitment to covering longboards and associated gear continues with this look at Mistral’s Freebird 350, Albatross 320 and Revival 5.5m rig. First up you notice that both boards feature a full EVA deckpad for additional comfort. This is both for cruising but also if you’re in the progressing stage of windsurfing […]

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The dualist – XO Sails Fly 7.8m windsurf sail test

Pics: Nick Kingston, James Jagger XO Sails’ Fly 7.8m is new from the French brand and aimed at covering both windfoiling and slalom. Now, as we all know, this isn’t a new concept, and actually sails in this vein have been tested by Windsurfing UK before… XO’s Fly 7.8m is triple cam affair that sheaths fairly easily. It requires a […]

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Keep it simple… – XO Sails EOL 7m windsurf sail test

Words & pics: WSUK As a Windsurfing UK first we weren’t sure what to expect with XO Sails’ EOL 7m. The windsurfing sail arm of French watersports brand Exocet, their EOL range are billed as tools for flat water and freeride. It was therefore with high anticipation we unfurled the 7m version. Firstly, we have to say the EOL’s ‘in […]

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Locked and loaded – Duotone S-Type 8.3m 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger The 2019 S-Type 8.3m is the second sail from recently re-branded company Duotone. Billed as a super versatile product the S-Type is said to fit racing, freeride and foiling disciplines whilst remaining easy access for everyday riders. Out the bag and the CO2 blue/white livery is actually our favourite. It therefore looks the bee’s knees […]

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Premium usability – Loftsails Oxygen 6.8m HD 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger This is the second Loftsails Oxygen sail we’ve gotten out mitts on – courtesy of Bob and Stu at 4Boards. Back in 2018 the 7.3m we tested was a firm favourite, for both standard windsurfing and windfoiling. Offering two faces of tunability its range was broad and usability vast. Note: we used a variety of […]

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Worthy contender – Neil Pryde X:Ryde 7.2m 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: Nick Kingston We loved the Neil Pryde Ryde 7.5m when we tested it a few seasons back. We were therefore looking forward to getting our mitts on the brand’s 2019 7.2m X:Ryde version. Having unfurled the X:Ryde there’s no denying its quality, even though NP themselves say that some of the materials you’ll find in their CORE […]

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I – the iRig: 100% inflatable windsurfing rig designed for easy access to windsurfing

Designed to make windsurfing as accessible and easy to learn as possible the iRig debuted late 2016 and is billed as the first fully inflatable windsurfing rig. Utilising kitesurfing technology it’s described as being 70% lighter than standard rigs, floats on the water’s surface and requires next to instruction to use making is a hassle free product to use. Having […]

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Progressive performer – Loftsails Oxygen 7.3m HD 2018 sail test

Pics: James Jagger Having used a number of Monty Spindler’s windsurf sail designs there’s a glaringly obvious trait running through all. Every design has two faces – the Oxygen 7.3m being no different. Once sheathed to its ideal mast the minimum setting displays an impressively bellied out main section that’s shaped for pure power and low end planing. Whack the […]

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Three of a kind – Mistral Quikslide 100L, 110L, 120L freeride windsurf board comparison test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger, WSUK You’d be forgiven for thinking Mistral parked their involvement with windsurfing a while back. Yet the recognisable red dot brand has always remained, just bubbling under the surface these last few seasons. Towards the end of 2018 Mistral announced they were fully back in the game with introduction of their line of Quikslide freeride […]