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Signature series – KA Sails Koncept 7m slalom windsurf sail test 2018

Pics: James Jagger KA Sails were pretty commonplace around UK shores a few years ago. Still going strong, however, we decided to re-visit the Netherlands based windsurf sail brand to see what the score is with their signature slalom/race/speed sail the 7m Koncept. The first thing that strikes you is the sail’s livery. It’s a good looking sail and we […]

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Boards to Bournemouth – Gregg Dunnett, windsurfing author profile

Interview: WSUK Pics: Gregg Dunnett Having made the successful transition from gonzo windsurfing mag journalist (his description not ours) to applauded novelist Gregg Dunnett is just about set to drop his fourth work of fiction. If you’ve had opportunity to read any of his previous books then you’ll note the ‘surfy’ theme running through all. That and dark undertones. We […]

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Light wind windsurfing: the final frontier?

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger, Windsurfing UK Over the years windsurfing has evolved from what once was a light air pastime to something much more dynamic. Although that word ‘dynamic’ could equally apply to non-planing sailing these days so actually that first sentence is a moot point. (If you don’t believe us check out anyone into light wind freestyle – Caesar […]

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Janine Avery’s top 5 reasons to windsurf in Mauritius, whatever your level

Words & pics: Janine Avery Mauritius is one of those idyllic island destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and having visited this magical country before I assumed I had ‘been there, done that.’ But when Planet Windsurf Holidays sent me over to the island recently, I jumped at the opportunity and was reminded just why Mauritius is referred […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

(More than) a bag of tricks – Loftsails Airscape 4.8m 2018 freestyle windsurf sail test

Pics: James Jagger Attach the ‘freestyle’ moniker to a product and it can be an instant turn off for many. With a large proportion of sailors fitting the freeride mould thoughts of aerial contortionism and bendy man/woman shenanigans couldn’t be farther from recreational windsurfing realms. Yet the benefits freestyle tools offer actually suit everyman windsurfers more than you’d think: early […]

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Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – press up on knees

Pic: Andy Stallman For the next in the series of Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, a regression from last months exercise: The Press-Up. The Press-up on Knees, or Half Press-Up. As the Full Press-Up shown last month is a tough exercise for anyone new into fitness and exercise, this regression is the movement performed on the knees, which makes this movement […]

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Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – press up

Authored by Keith Atkinson Pic: Andy Stallman For the next in the series of exercises, the press up. There are many, many variations of the press up, and we slow this exercise down into a step-by-step guide to perform this awesome movement. It’s a slight upgrade in difficulty from the first in the series (the cable chest press). Some may […]

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Chatting with Chubbs – talking Flying Fish windsurfing instructor training with Adam Chubbock

Pics: PROtography There’s a lot of talk at the moment about working in windsurfing and the watersports industry at large (see our interview with Neilson’s Head of People Iain Stevenson-Wood for another angle). Continuing this theme, with the aim of bringing more info about working in the industry to the fore, Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez caught up Flying Fish’s Overseas […]

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Is windsurfing equipment too expensive? – Bouke Becker speaks about the cost of windsurf kit

Words: Bouke Becker Pics: Witchcraft Windsurfing There’s much criticism about the cost of new windsurfing equipment – in fact, it’s serious bone of contention for many riders. Long time industry insider and business owner Bouke Becker speaks about one of the most controversial aspects of windsurfing. Talk to us about the cost of windsurfing equipment and why prices are such […]

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Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – single arm pulldown

– Authored by Keith Atkinson British Windsurfing Champion and experienced Personal Fitness Trainer Keith Atkinson shows us how to perform a range of gym exercises safely and effectively.  In part three of the fitness series, ‘The Single Arm Pulldown’ is featured. A variation of the previous back exercise, another great one for the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi), however a focus on […]