Axis Foils HA 900 windfoil complete foil.


Axis Foils HA 900 complete windfoil is perfect for windfoiling. It also works for other discplines such as wing. Axis are defined by their top notch engineering and superb on water performance. Everything from the way the foil mast connects to the fuselage to the front wing fittings screams quality and efficiency. Then, of course, you have the feeling of speed and enhanced glide (it’s ALL about the feeling!) from the HA 900 windfoil foil

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The carbon HA 900mm front wing is a higher aspect wing that no less takes flight early and ramps up to impressive speed. That said tentative windfoilers can back off slightly to give a more confidence inducing ride – it doesn’t have to be all high octane stuff.

As the description implies Axis have incorporated plenty of glide into the HA 900 windfoil wing which is great for foiling gybes, manoeuvrability and riding swell/surf. It just keeps going! Because of the quality engineering, the reduced torsional flex of the 90cm mast ensures an efficient ride, the mast remaining rigid as twist free as possible. The Axis Red fuselage and 90cm mast are tough as old boots and more than fit for purpose and one reason why Axis foils are so highly regarded.

Coupled with its 500mm rear stabiliser wing there’s plenty of composure, the anhedral shape giving a balanced ride that all windfoilers will appreciate. For those with pumping skills leverage is plenty for getting on foil in even the lightest of airs.

If riders want even lighter wind performance then upgrading (or adding) the larger S-Series 1000mm front wing is possible. Coming supplied with a Deep Tuttle or pedestal plate fitting Axis Foils’ HA 900 windfoil is ready to fit any style of windfoil foil board.

The Axis Foils windfoil foil package includes –

  • Axis Foils HA 900mm carbon front wing
  • Axis Foils 500mm carbonrear  stabiliser wing
  • CNC anodised aluminium 90cm Axis Foils mast
  • CNC anodised aluminium 88xm fuselage
  • CNC anodised aluminium Deep Tuttle mast adapter
  • CNC anodised aluminium pedestal US box track plate
  • All hardware, TefGel and carry case

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