Learning to windfoil, with Dave Ludgate.

Learning to windfoil, with Dave Ludgate.

Irish windsurfer Dave Ludgate has recently begun his windfoil journey. The man from Cork says it’s been on his radar for a while. But only recently has he had the chance to get stuck in.

Whilst he’s learning Dave is also aiming to document his progress via a series of vlogs. These are warts and all stories from each session to highlight how things really are. As we know, nothing’s ever as hassle free as those rose tinted marketing images and videos would have you believe.

The first two of Dave’s videos can be seen below, courtesy of our friends at North Coast Wetsuits (NCW) and Foilshop UK. There’s also a massive big up extended to Lyon.co.uk who also helped with Dave’s situation.

We can’t wait to see how Dave gets on in the coming weeks. Windsurfing UK will be watching the chap’s windfoil progress with keen interest. In the meantime, if you want to get more updates from Dave hit up his Instagram feed here.

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