Wingsurf and windfoil knowledge tips & tricks.

Wingsurf and windfoil knowledge tips & tricks.

Whether learning or improving with either wingsurfing or windfoiling (perhaps both) there’s no accounting for knowledge. Particularly wing foiling, which for many riders is a completely new concept.

Windfoiling calls on those windsurfing foundational building block skills riders have honed over many years. Wingsurfing is a completely different kettle of fish. But even windfoiling, once you start to levitate, becomes its own thing. It’s nice therefore to have a bunch of resource materials all in one place. This is exactly what our friends at Foilshop UK have done for both disciplines.

If you’re a fledgling or improver wing foil rider or windsurf foiler then hit the following links for a whole load of tips, tricks and knowledge for each sport.

Wingsurfing tips, tricks and knowledge.

Windfoiling tips, tricks and knowledge.

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