Windsurfing autumn 2021. Not too bad! (Gallery).
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Windsurfing autumn 2021. Not too bad! (Gallery).

Windsurfing header image: Nik Baker, Avon Beach, South Coast. pic: Radical Exposure. Windsurfing this autumn (2021) has been pretty good by and large. At time of writing gusts are coming through in the Force 10 range at WSUK HQ. The last few weeks have seen all manner of windy shenanigans on the water. All parts of the UK have seen […]

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Autumn moves – time to step up your windsurfing skills?

Words: WSUK Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce, Mike Pringuer With autumn powering through as we write all this wind (which looks set to continue for a while yet) means there’s a reason to get out there and step up your windsurfing skills. After a lacklustre summer it’s as if someone’s flicked the switch and turned Momma Nature’s turbines back on. And with […]