Sroka wing foil gear test – Skyrider 5’5, 1350 HA L foil & 5m Wing V3.

Sroka will probably be a new name for some but with Bruno Sroka at the helm (an ex-pro kiter and all round knowledge watersports bod) you can guarantee the equipment will be solid and high performance. Based in France Sroka sent us their Skyrider 5’5 wing foil board, their 5m Wing V3 and the 1350 HA Lift foil. Here’s what we found.

Sroka 5’5 Skyrider wing foil board.

Made in a Fibreglass sandwich construction the Sroka 5’5 is 90L of accessible foiling performance. Combined with the brand’s signature construction (made in France we might add) the hull shape is designed for fast acceleration and super early release.

For many a 90L board, such as the 5’5, is a rider’s go to wing foil board for all round conditions. When you’ve dialled in your winging skills it’ll have enough float and light wind performance characteristics to make those low wind days doable. This is definitely the case with the Sroka 5’5 – especially when paired with the Sroka 1350 HA L foil.

Choppy waters are no match for the Skyrider with its ample roll stability. And true to form the board gets going quickly and releases early. At 90kg we’ve had the Sroka wing foil board flying in 10-12knots with the 1350 HA L foil. A few pumps are all it takes to get airborne. And once in flight the 5’5 feels lively and throw about and light. Perfect for freeride winging, wave winging or even a bit of aerial shenanigans.

Sroka 1350 HA Lift foil.

Sroka’s high aspect range of foils are the business – and we don’t say that frivolously. The engineering and performance are comparable to other premium foil brands on the market. The aluminium 90cm mast and fuselage are super stiff and rigid. All connections are solid with M8 bolts to affix.

The 1350 HA Lift front wing is billed as Sroka’s light wind winging wing that can also be used for small wave SUP and prone foiling as well as pump foiling and downwind (for those with skills).

All you need for the 1350 HA L to engage is a gust, timing and pumping technique. The 1350 doesn’t have the utmost low stall speed but it’s pumping efficiency is what’ll get it going. And once up to altitude it then only takes a little tap to keep it gliding through lulls. The foil’s speed is admirable, glide is dreamy and manoeuvrability pretty decent too!

Sroka 5m Wing V3.

Sroka’s 5m Wing V3 is a higher aspect type that’s super light yet well built. Its softer handles make it a forgiving ‘machine’ to use. Yet don’t mistake this for non-performance. The Wing V3 pumps like a dream and delivers plenty of drive, which when coupled with the 1350 HA L foil will get even heavyweights foiling in light airs. During testing we were pleasantly surprised but how little wind you actually need to fly with this whole set up!

The Wing V3 is fun to cruise around in freeride wing foil mode. And if you’re able, it’ll accommodate a few whirls and twirls. Its span is a little wide for full on freestyle wing filing performance. Yet, no less, it’ll do an admirable job regardless. Where the 5m V3 really comes into its own is when flagging during waves rides. The Sroka 5m is superbly balanced and just sits on the wind allowing riders to do their thing without issue. It also looks the bomb (in our opinion) too!


Sroka is really coming up as a brand with plenty of top tier high performance wing foiling kit available. But don’t let that make you think it’s inaccessible. It isn’t! The 5’5 Skyrider, 1350 HA Lift foil and 5m Wing V3 are all delightful to use for a wide range of riders. Sroka are therefore definitely worth a look.

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Thanks to James Dunstone (pics) and Foilshop UK (kit) for helping with this test.

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