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Feel the power! – NeilPryde Ryde 7.5m C3 2017 freeride windsurfing sail review

NeilPryde need no introduction. A stalwart brand on the windsurfing scene for years, with many a world champion (Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Antoine Albeau anyone?) having used the brand’s gear to devastating effect, NeilPryde continue to deliver premium quality sails and rig components. WSUK got its grubbies on the C3 version of NP’s Ryde 7.5m, billed as the perfect partner for modern […]

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Return to Flag Beach – escaping winter to windsurfing ocean blues

Words and pics: Windsurfing UK We’re a funny bunch us windsurfers. For a seemingly open minded tribe, full of brimming optimism (you kind of have to be when your chosen hobby revolves around Mother Nature’s ever changing moods), choosing where to spend our hard earned free time can be headache inducing. Checklist as follows (for the P family at least). […]