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C – cigarettes: big brand windsurfing support from tobacco companies

Back in the day, when windsurfing was still fledgeling, the health implication surrounding such things as cigarettes weren’t as widely promoted. These were days when smoking was still deemed cool and advertising standards not as stringent as today. Fag companies, as some refer to them, were big brand supporters of windsurfing which can be seen by some of the magazine […]

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Keith Atkinson windsurfing nutrition: breakfast

Words: Keith Atkinson Windsurf pic: Andy Stallman Being no stranger to Windsurfing UK personal fitness trainer and accomplished windsurfer Keith Atkinson kicks off the first of a new series of windsurfing nutrition articles. Read on to find out more. (Check out Keith’s windsurfing fitness videos elsewhere on the WSUK site). The first of the Keith Atkinson Nutrition based articles gives […]