Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Worthy contender – Neil Pryde X:Ryde 7.2m 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: Nick Kingston We loved the Neil Pryde Ryde 7.5m when we tested it a few seasons back. We were therefore looking forward to getting our mitts on the brand’s 2019 7.2m X:Ryde version. Having unfurled the X:Ryde there’s no denying its quality, even though NP themselves say that some of the materials you’ll find in their CORE […]

Windsurfing UK Articles

Feel the rhythm, feel the glide – time to blast and free your windsurfing ride!

Words: WSUK Pics: JP/Pryde/Thorsten Indra As individuals we love to pigeonhole stuff, give everything a label and box it all up neat and tidy. Windsurfing’s no different. In the past terminology such as wave-slalom, convertible freeride and so on have been used when categorising kit. These days you’re more likely to hear freestyle wave or slalom muttered on beaches. For […]

Windsurfing UK Profiles

Bursting the Bubble – Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers pro windsurfer profile

Words: Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers Pics: NeilPryde/Jerome Houvet, Maleen Hoekstra, Tim Vowles Mohawked, colourful and able to stomp a plethora of freestyle tricks as well as sail solidly in wave arenas Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers has successfully made the transition from overseas windsurfing coach/PWA pro to UK based sailor, competitor and brand manager. Having nailed the runner up spot on 2016’s British […]