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T – Tarifa: reliably windy Spanish holiday spot, brand testing ground and winter training hangout

Tarifa, Spain, is famous for its relentlessness windy conditions and breeze from two very distinct directions – both can serve up a healthy dose of hardcore windsurfing. Wind strengths can often reach 40 knots, without actually being a specific storm! In summer the wind’s direction is usually from the east (cross offshore from the left) whereas autumn see the angle […]

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Tarific windsurfing crashes from the Loftsails team in Spain

It’s comforting to know for the layman windsurfer that pros stack it just as much as we do. For every stomped move you see in vids/photos you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be a myriad of stacks omitted from any final edits. For further proof of this check out the Loftsails team on location in Tarifa, Spain, to witness […]