Advertorial: Seven reasons to stay at Keros Blue, Lemnos, Greece, for your windsurfing holiday – Planet Windsurf Holidays tell all

Keros Blue is a brand new seaside complex on the Greek island of Lemnos. Located within five minutes walking of the windsurf and kitesurf beach, with fantastic sea views and fabulous onsite facilities this is a one of a kind property and destination that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Planet Windsurf Holidays provide us with the top 7 reasons to stay at Keros Blue:

Luxury in wilderness

At Keros Blue you will find yourself surrounded by sand dunes. As all the rooms are located on the ground floor you can connect with nature and enjoy the rabbits and birds that frequent this area while watching the flamingos on the salt lakes and enjoying the miles of beaches that stretch out in all directions. With no other buildings, traffic and noise, you can enjoy peace and harmony with the wilderness. The rooms here feature thick stone masonry walls, artist-designed bathrooms and a high level of service and privacy to make sure you get the quality rest needed for active days on the water.

History and legend

Lemnos is home to a few sites related to the Trojan War, mystic carnivals of fertility, prehistoric settlements, and a large antique city. The island has a lot to feed your curiosity about this ancient culture that you can enjoy while taking a break from all the sport and adventure activities.

Safe waters to learn or advance your skills

The warm Aegean Sea and protected bays provide a relative safety for practising water sports. There are no dangerous sharks, jellyfish or other sea life, nor poisonous snakes on or around the island. The seabed is shallow, with nice white sand, without corals or sea urchins so that you can just focus on the windsurfing at hand!

It’s authentic Greece

The island of Lemnos in Greece has very strict building regulations which allow for limited buildings on large stretches of wild land. What this means is that the island has not succumbed to mass tourism and still maintains an authentic, untouched nature. This is carried through at Keros Blue in their restaurant where farm fresh local produce takes centre stage, bringing the very best of the island’s produce to your table.

It’s located right next to the windsurf spot

Keros Blue sits up on the hill overlooking the windsurf spot. You can walk there but if you’re heading out for a long session it may be better just to hop in the car. Keros Bay provides a playground for windsurfers and is one of the biggest and best spots in Greece. Offering a large stretch of relatively flat water, no significant tidal movements and consistently reliable winds in the summer months, the windsurfing couldn’t get any better or the conditions more reliable!

It’s great value for money

While Keros Blue markets its rooms as ‘deluxe rooms’ they are more like luxury villas, even featuring their own hammocks and terraces. There is even a two bedroom family house with a fully equipped kitchen that is great for travelling with friends or the kids. Located an easy flight from the UK, this means you can get unbeatable luxury and still enjoy a relatively affordable getaway.

There’s lots to enjoy

Keros Blue has a complimentary yoga programme, available every morning, massage and bike and surf equipment rental is also available at the property. A new pool will make the hotel the first in the area to offer one, when it gets built next year. The hotel also offers wine tasting tours and historical tours so you can spend some time exploring the island. Must-see places include the castle which offers lovely views towards the Chalkidiki and the Market Street of Myrina. You can also tag a few extra days onto your getaway at the beginning or end of your holiday if you want to see Athens or discover the Peloponnese.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Planet Windsurf Holidays today and start planning your next getaway to Lemnos and Keros Blue.



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