Abra cadabra – JP Australia Magic Ride 130L 2017 freeride windsurf board review

Looking stunning in pro construction JP Australia’s Magic Ride range is now into its second generation. As you’d expect with a high end brand like JP attention to detail and level of finish is exemplary.

A Ride 44cm fin protrudes from the tail which is made from G10 material and more than capable of taking knocks and scrapes. You’ll have to be careful with the board’s pro construction as it does pick up chips – precise handling is needed. We also need to mention the top notch footstraps of the Magic Ride. Stiff, yet cushioned, and with a superb fit blasting on the brine has never been so comfy.

Paired with Neil Pryde’s Ryde 7.5m (see review elsewhere) the Magic Ride 130L is a proper low wind efficiency machine. A few pumps has the board fully planing and then it’s away you go…

We set up the Magic Ride with inboard and outboard footstraps and found best results with the latter. The MR 130L likes to be locked down and driven hard – almost like a slalom board so outboard is best. This isn’t to say performance is tricky to unlock yet a ‘drive it like ya stole it’ approach yields best results.

Top speed is admirable, when you stop and think this is a freeride board. On a few occasions we ended up drag racing mates on perceived faster craft. JP’s Magic Ride 130L more than held its own.

As is widely promoted with this style of board gybes are fulfilling and super smooth. Biting hard the Magic Ride carves a progressive arc and keeps impeccable manners through the turn. So much so that those looking to plane of out of exits for the first time may accomplish this whilst riding the MR.

If you’re a progressing rider then the Magic Ride is a good tutor, forgiving clumsy footwork, and delivering windsurfers onto each new tack moisture free (on most occasions). And the board’s width is good for learning those tacking ropes.

But it’s not just carve gybes the JP accommodates. It’s also a fun sled for some old school downwind 360s and small hops. We’re certainly not suggesting anyone head out searching for the biggest ramps but the MR does cope with a certain amount of low level altitude fly boying (or girling).


JP’s Magic Ride 130L is a highly desirable freeride machine that looks the business. Efficient to plane, in the lightest of winds (when paired with an appropriate sail) it delivers straight line speed that can rival supposed faster boards. With footstraps set outboard riders can lock the MR down, eking out every last bit of performance possible. Round corners it’s a joy and even allows for some old school carving trickery and moderate air time. The Magic Ride 130L would have a home in most sailor quivers, ready and waiting for those summer/light wind blasting days.


FWS – £1549

PRO – £1699

Info: http://jp-australia.com/2017/products/boards/magic-ride/

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