Access all areas – Fanatic JAG 135L 2019 LTD windsurf board test

Words: WSUK

Pics: James Jagger

When we heard Fanatic’s brand new 2019 JAG 135L LTD was on the way we were expecting a sort of detuned slalom board. From everything we’d read this seemed to be the best way to think of the JAG without having actually got it wet. Post-water sessions, however, and there’s more to it than that.

Coming in LTD construction the 135L is light and well made – nothing less than you’d expect from Fanatic. Its full profile resembles modern windsurf board design thinking and shapes. There are similarities between the brand’s podium hunting Falcon range but the JAG is essentially its own beast.

Once afloat the JAG 135L is a very stable platform at rest. Any progressing sailor will therefore have enough room and time to get the board up to speed, forgiving dodgy technique. As such it’s actually very user friendly for a seemingly performance orientated machine.


Out of the starting blocks the Fanatic JAG 135L powers up progressively. It’s not unmanageable, even being a wide board. When confronted with choppy waters it copes well and doesn’t buck, potentially putting riders off their stride. Having ramped up to full planing speed it’s super comfy from the straps and continues the theme of dismissing chop as if it’s not there.

As far as speed goes the JAG is certainly quick but it’s not about winning races. If you want to look at it a different way consider the JAG to be a rapid distance cruiser. If you’re one for chewing up miles, and exploring your local part of the world, but from a full power planing angle, then the JAG will suit. Of course, if you fancy racing as well then it’ll also accommodate. For our money, however, you can adopt a similar mentality to if you’d be riding a longboard, where you’d cover some distance. In this instance, the difference being, you’ll be carrying out that exercise at full chat.


As a warp speed distance blaster Fanatic’s 2019 JAG 135L will have you covered. Approaching your windsurfing from a ‘most amount of ground covered’ point of view is where the JAG best fits. That said, sailors can of course use it for simply blasting back and forth. And if you fancy some cross over action then feel free to pit your wits against other races, just in a more accessible fashion. Polished and impressive the JAG is a tool to really ‘access’ your sailing area.



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