All over it! – Patrik f-ride 125L GET 2019 windsurf board test

Words: WSUK

Pics: James Jagger

This is the third sled from Patrik Diethelm’s windsurfing brand we’ve tested and we have to say that as good as the other two are this is our favourite. Coming once again in GET construction it’s an eye catching machine that stands out – especially in the sunshine. Keep all your kit on colour point for extra coordination kudos as well.

Following the same path as other Patrik boards Mr Diethlem is definitely doing things his own way. The f-ride is a longer board than more compact trend orientated boards. As such it’s one of the earliest planing boards in the 125L (ish) class we’ve used, the extra length helping induce glide/momentum. With its drawn out profile the 125 slices through chop with efficiency and is quick to boot. In fact, whilst not a slalom board it’s no slouch when powered up. The breathable nature of the f-ride’s GET construction allows it to absorb harsh chop and keep up the vrooms.

Having tested the 125L across multiple scenarios – from moderately powered flat water conditions to full chat small wave arenas – we can report it’s dependable and versatile being able to cope with most of what sailors will find having arrived at the beach. To add further cross over appeal it’s also foil ready and makes an admirable fly board – good news for anybody looking to wing it AND windsurf in standard mode.

Riding in balanced fashion, with pressure being equal between both feet, gives plenty of confidence to try things. Even though the f-ride is quoted at 125L it’s perfectly applicable for a few airborne stunts and boosts. For a perceived large board it’s a great jumper displaying many characteristics of smaller freestyle wave sleds. Yet you retain the added bonus of additional glide through having more ‘foam’ underfoot to help when winds lull and conditions go squiffy.

Round corners the Patrik cuts with positive input from the rider. It’s not a super technical windy board to gybe but riders may still have to concentrate. That said its slightly elongated shape comes into play again during gybe exits. The f-ride will do everything in its power to allow full planing turns – even with rough water states in play.


Patrik’s 2019 f-ride 125L is pure joy to ride. It’ll cope with light winds and not shy away when conditions light up past 20+. If you’re into air time then you’ll be well served here with the 125L being a great booster. Quick from point to point it’s also a transitional board with a lot of scope for nailing those planing gybes. And then you have foil mode where it’s an admirable performer with plenty of option to learn and progress.




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