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Challenger Sails Ikaroz 5m wing review.

Challenger Sails may be a new name for some wingfoilers. But Claudio Badiali’s Italian sail brand has been around for a while. Taking the PWA Slalom Windsurfing title in 2022, with pilot Maciek Rutkowski standing tall on the podium, Challenger Sails are held in high regard by many windsurfers. Challenger Sails Ikaroz wings are also gaining favour among the foiling […]

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Windsurfing instructor course discounts with Watersports Nomad.

Windsurfing instructor courses are just about to kick off with our friends at Watersports Nomad, Vassiliki, Greece. The good news is anyone contemplating enrolling on a Watersports Nomad windsurfing instructor course in May will benefit from a 10% discount! What’s not to like? Windsurfing all summer in one of Europe’s finest Mediterranean wind resorts and coming away with a professional […]

Windsurfing all summer - with Watersports Nomad instructor courses.
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Windsurfing all summer – with Watersports Nomad instructor courses.

Windsurfing all summer, at a world-renowned Greek windsurf location? Getting qualified as a windsurfing and watersports instructor? Meeting new friends for life? Changing your situation? Getting employed in the watersports industry? Absolutely loving it? Sounds too good to be true? Not if you enroll on a Watersports Noamd Instructor course this season. Based on the hallowed windsurfing shores of Vassiliki […]

Get after it in 2023 - setting windsurfing goals, with Olli Anderson.
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Get after it in 2023 – setting windsurfing goals, with Olli Anderson.

Olli Anderson talks through setting windsurfing goals for 2023 and sticking to them, achieving what you’re planning and taking it beyond. Over to Olli for all that inspirational good windsurfing stuff. Time and time again we hear; “This is the year I’m gonna final crack that carve gybe” and so on… 80% of New Year’s resolutions end up being unfulfilled […]

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Challenger Sails Claudio Badiali interview (video) – with Andy Stuart-William.

Challenger Sails’ head honcho Claudio Badiali recently made the trek to Blighty from his home of Italy. Chaperoned by Challenger Sails UK Andy Stuart-William Claudio did the rounds, stopping off at various locations – including here at WSUK HQ (as you can see in the image below). Having met Claudio in the flesh it was fascinating to hear his take […]

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2022 Challenger Sails deals from Foilshop UK.

Whether foil or fin the Challenger Sails are championship winning (as was proved recently during the PWA slalom event where Maciek Rutkowski took the title). And now’s your chance to own a slice of that good stuff and bag a deal in the process. As it stands the UK’s pretty blowy with plenty of opportunity to get out sailing. There’s […]

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Mayo Mahem windsurfing 2022 wrap video.

Mayo Mayhem Ireland’s no.1 windsurfing wave competition was held on Achill Island, Ireland at the end of September. The result of which also decided the Irish windsurfing wave tile. This year’s event went off. It was held in glorious condition for a windsurfing wave competition with Keel Beach looking more like Hawaii as it was sunny all weekend with side […]

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Windsurf ‘lads’ on tour, Brandon Bay, Ireland – with Mike Pringuer.

Mike Pringuer and a bunch of south coast ‘lads’ recently made the pilgrimage to the hallowed shores of Brandon Bay, Ireland. Anyone who knows the area will be aware of its potential for serving up awesome wave sailing, great surfing and a whole heap of good time craic. With a van packed full of all the toys and the forecast […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

AK V1 Compact 105L wingsurf board test.

Wingfoiling boards come in many shapes and sizes. Your level, style and local conditions will dictate what type of gear you plump for. Pics: Mike Pringuer. The AK V1 Compact 105L, for most intermediate level wingers, may just be your perfect partner – despite it being billed as freestyle specific. Competent performance freerider’s will also find favour with the 105L. […]