Challenger Sails Claudio Badiali interview (video) – with Andy Stuart-William.

Challenger Sails’ head honcho Claudio Badiali recently made the trek to Blighty from his home of Italy. Chaperoned by Challenger Sails UK Andy Stuart-William Claudio did the rounds, stopping off at various locations – including here at WSUK HQ (as you can see in the image below).

Having met Claudio in the flesh it was fascinating to hear his take on windsurfing and listen to the Challenger Sails ethos.

There were a few ideas banded about that certainly pricked our interest that’s for sure!

To get more insight into Claudio and the Challenger Sails brand we tasked Andy with quizzing the designer and committing it to video for others to hear.

It should be noted this was filmed just before Maciek Rutkowski took the PWA World Tour Slalom World Title win in Japan. But no less there’s still plenty to immerse yourself in. Check out the video above. And thanks once again to Claudio and Andy for taking the time to sort this.

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