Biblical windsurf knowledge – Tricktionary 3: Windsurf Bible book three review

Words: Mic Brignall

The Tricktionary crew recently dropped edition three of their popular windsurf instruction manual on audiences. Regular contributor Mic Brignall takes a look at the updated version.

There are a number of instructional publications available – books, magazine articles, DVDs – designed to better your windsurfing. One of these is Tricktionary; the first book to really focus on the advanced freestyle moves. Michael Rossmeier, creator of the Tricktionary brand, has recently released the third book in the series: Tricktionary 3 – Windsurf Bible.

Tricktionary – The Ultimate Windsurfing Bible’ was revolutionary back in 2006 – nothing had ever been done like it before. Building on the success of the original publication, Tricktionary 2 came, alongside a DVD and app- the three of these put together to create the ultimate instructional tool.

The latest edition of Tricktionary is big- 478 pages! It has 7 chapters, beginning with how to get on a board and finishing with the most extreme wave moves. Picking a page at random, you get a set of pictures that show the move in its entirety and a block of text which explains what’s going on, while referencing each picture. Another part of the page is dedicated to issues; if this happens do this for instance. It’s a nice touch. Many tutorials focus too much on what to do, and not what not to do/how to sort it. Upon closer inspection, there are also recommended moves to know before trying (with page numbers), a diagram showing the directions of the move, and also what variations are possible.

To clarify, this is not Tricktionary 2 plus some new moves. Tricktionary 3 has been redesigned to include more, and provide better instructional value. Two particularly important new sections have been added: light wind freestyle, and power freestyle. The former of these gives more details into the basics of advanced moves, and power freestyle focuses on the newer backwinded moves that stem from Gollito’s Burner.

Each section is now started with ‘Superbasics’; the base moves needed to complete the rest of the tricks in the relevant section. For example, the gybe section has several pages explaining pre-exercises, and much more on each part of the move.

The wave section has also been expanded. Plenty of information is available on simply getting out and on your first wave, and what equipment is suitable, rather than pushing towards those that are already comfortable on waves.

At €49.90 it’s not cheap, but a very good investment for all levels – not just advanced sailors. Should you own the first or second edition there’s no need to buy this one if you’re a casual windsurfer. The people who will get the best out of Tricktionary 3 are the ones who want to push themselves… if you are serious, then you will find help every step of the way

It’s a valuable asset to any windsurfer. With plenty of information on kit, diagrams and explanations on how a windsurfer works and fantastic problem solving – there is a lot to be learnt here. The advanced moves are now so advanced, and the diversity of styles that it is almost impossible for a single rider to be able to do all the tricks!


Books will never replace instructors but they do have a place in the learning process. A fantastic addition to any windsurfer’s library Tricktionary 3 brings more to the table than ever before. Amateurs and pros alike will be able to learn plenty from the vast wealth of knowledge available. Detailed descriptions alongside hi-res pictures allow focus on individual parts of each move, to get perfect refinement. When paired with the Tricktionary DVD they are a great learning tool, fully covering audio/visual. The only thing missing is being able to do it!

Price: €49.90


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