Black is back – Point7 Salt Pro 4.7m 2020 windsurf sail test.

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The instantly recognisable Black Team (Point7) makes its debut Windsurfing UK appearance here with the 2020 Salt Pro 4.7m. Many who follow the UK race scene will be aware of how slalom ace James Dinsmore puts the brand’s zoom sails to good use. We were therefore intrigued by the Salt Pro.

As stated already you won’t go unmissed on the water with a Point7 sail in your hands. Andrea Cucchi’s (brand head) design aesthetics ensure his sails are unique and eye-catching. You mightn’t like the black elements but you can’t argue they draw your gaze. Even more so with 2020’s additional bold gold colourway on the Salt Pro.

In the past Point7 sails have been a little knocked for being a tad weighty. These days that isn’t the case. The Salt Pro 4.7m feels extremely lightweight in the hands yet doesn’t lose any of its grunty element – another feature that Point7 are known for.

To further demonstrate the Salt’s bottom end we found ourselves (as 86kg riders) planing effortlessly in wind strengths that would sometimes require bigger rigs. Flukey, gusty winds are also no match for the Salt Pro. It punches all types of board onto the plane and keeps them sliding through lulls, even when the wind hole is significant.

P7 describe the Salt Pro as a wave sail yet the crossover appeal is tangible. Tested across a bunch of different wave, freeride and freestyle boards in all cases it suited the machine it sat atop. Whilst it’s certainly devastating as a bona fide wave sail, with punch to grab all kids of swell and whip to make full power manoeuvres stompable, it’s also fun to use in performance freeride mode. Early planing and a throw about feel would lend it riders who do a little more than blast back and forth. And then there’s freestyle. If your tastes involve rubber contortionism then adding the Salt Pro to your quiver is worthy of consideration.


For anyone of discerning taste, where a slightly different aesthetic is preferred with your windy gear – especially if said gear has been injected with Italian flair – then this alone may lend your choice to Point7. In particular the brand’s Salt Pro 4.7m is a delightful sail to use that sits in the newer school camp of windsurf rig design. Four batten, compact whipability (for moves) with plenty of controllable power the 4.7m makes squiffy sessions and decent blasts equally fun. It’s a nifty windfoil sail, as we also found out.


559 Euro


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