…by name, by nature – NoveNove (99 Int.) Chameleon 93 Pro 2018 review

Having enjoyed testing NoveNove’s Style Wave GLS 95 single fin freestyle wave board last issue we were positively frothing to hop on the brand’s flagship multifin Chameleon wave sled for a blast. Coming in distinct lime green and black livery the 93 can be set as either a quad, tri, twin or single fin ripper depending on your preferences. This level of tuning make it a good choice for various wave sailing scenarios and conditions.

In pro carbon construction the Chameleon is light and feels nippy from the off. Our very first sesh aboard was full power vroom from the beach. Retaining a lively nature right through it may surprise a few just how manoeuvrable and yearning for a turn the Chameleon is.

With deft technique riders can increase the speed when a ramp rears and boosting high above the brine is done with decent projection. For those who want further height then swapping the central skeg to a slightly bigger type will yield best results.

Compact in shape the Chameleon’s swing weight is low ensuring any choice of rotation is fast and efficient. For those dabbling with loops – forward and back – it’s a good vehicle for taking those first steps. Just make sure you hold on!

Heading back beachward the 93 prowls for liquid walls and begs sailors to drop in. Even on gutless swells the Chameleon carries admirable speed through the bottom turn allowing full throttle hits off the top. It’s not really a parallel rail design, made specifically for lacklustre conditions, but it does handle mush quite well and therefore suits real world wave environments nicely.

With an open face and pitching lip the Chameleon comes into its own. Nippy and drivey through full rail carves it lights up most wave sessions, so long as riders have enough power. Flavour of top turn is then down to the individual: full power smack, aerial punt or other, it’s all dobale and fulfilling.


With a name like Chameleon you’d be correct assuming this board has a multi-faceted personality. Coping well with small, real world wave sailing conditions as well as excelling in better quality down the line stuff it’s a tunable sled that likes full rail turns and powered up lip belts. Drivery in tri fin mode with more grip added for hollower waves in quad set up it’s a board that’ll love being chucked around. Jump it, carve it, smack it: whatever the weather and/or mode you’ll be catered for with NoveNove’s Chameleon 93.

Price: 2399 Euro

Info: https://www.i-99.it/y2018/windsurf/chameleon-5x/

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