Control and composure – RRD Hardcore Wave 88 LTD V6 windsurfing board test

RRDWhether charging down the line conditions or looking for ultimate control in gnarly winds and confused seas having the right kit for the job is key. Enter RRD’s Hardcore Wave 88L V6 ready and willing to get riders revved up and out there amongst it in all manner of wave environments.

At 88L RRD’s Hardcore Wave will be perceived as on the larger side. But as is the case with many types of board dimensions don’t really give the whole story. Look aft and it’s immediately apparent how tapered and thinned out the small swallow tail actually is, which should give any experienced rider an indication of what to expect on the water. For an 88L it’s also on 58.5cm wide.

Moving forwards and thickness increases with more volume under the mast track. Rocker is ample, especially just off the nose and fixtures and fittings are suitably RRD esque and high end. Flip the HCW 88 over and sailors will be able inspect the hull. A big tick in the box is having five fin boxes to play around with fin configurations. Riders will need an assortment of Slot Box types to achieve this but at least the option is available. Supplied with thruster (2+1) fins, with two blanking covers, there’s plenty of room for tweaks to find that optimum positioning.

Stepping aboard the HCW 88 and you can feel the board’s liveliness straight away. That said it’s no slouch on the early planing front relative to its overall shape. With a deft touch getting going in marginal conditions is doable. Riders may need to tweak fin settings to achieve the optimum in lighter airs – especially when looking to boot upwind efficiently. A bigger middle fin may help here.

When winds ramp up, however, the HCW 88L really comes into its own. As power increases its controlled nature really shines and confused water states are no match, even with it being 88 litres. As we said at the start dimensions really don’t tell you the whole story. With feet locked in footstraps the HCW 88 performs like a much smaller board. RRD have done a sterling job in terms of getting the volume distribution sorted with enough upfront to help with early planing, and float at rest, right down to impeccable manners once up to speed and being ridden off the tail.

Stepping on rail the HCW 88 is efficient with an edge engaged. Slicing round corners and biting into wave faces is efficient and fulfilling. With enough speed (power in the rig helps) the HCW 88L belts up to lips ready for full power smacks without issue. We’d even suggest being slightly overpowered is a way to best achieve the ultimate whack, after all the tail helps massively with control. Frontside and backside riding is equally rewarding – the more vertical the wave the better. Which is the same with jumping…Whilst the HCW is perfectly hoppable off chop it loves a proper ramp for bigger boosts.


RRD’s HCW 88L has leanings towards wavier environments or control orientated sailing venues. It a vast range of tuning ability and will reward those riders who learn about the gear and understand what settings are applicable to each scenario. The HCW 88L delivers pure wave riding performance in quality conditions for those who have access.

Price: £2039


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