E – Egypt: windsurfing’s reliable flat water travel destination

Egypt, for many years, was a staple for many windsurfers looking for reliable winds, warm waters and good weather. In particular spots like Dahab, on the Sinai Peninsula, Hurghada, the harder to reach Soma Bay and wave spot of El Tur were big draws for many Euro’s in the off season.

Apart from El Tur, which offers a second beach delivering south coast style wave sailing conditions, most spots are totally flat water venues favouring freeride, slalom, freestyle and beginners. Some of these spots have even been test locations for windsurfing media who would make camp with large quantities of demo kit for a few weeks during the northern hemisphere’s winter.

In recent times Egypt has been dogged by its fair share of political issues resulting in many airlines and travel operators putting Egyptian itinerary on hold. In fact, previously permanent windsurfing school fixture, Harry Nass, Dahab, relocated his operations for a few seasons. Although now his centres are open for business again back in Dahab.

A few routes to Egypt’s windsurfing playgrounds are still open but it’s not as easy as it once was, meaning many of the spots are much quieter than they used to be. In time these locations may see a return to their former popularity.

Pics: Julia Toms

Dahab (below)

El Tur (below)


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