Get a grip! – MK Windsurfing CPX 150-210 carbon boom review

MK have been a longstanding UK windsurfing company that’s supplying high quality windsurfing accessories since 1979. In 2016 the company was sold to new owner Larry Chan – an expert windsurfer in his own right – who set about revamping the brand. For 2017 there are a couple of new products that have been added to the range, of which we’re looking at the CPX carbon boom here.

There’s no question about the high end manufacturing techniques used with the CPX – the MK is a super tough and durable product that should stand the test of time. The boom clamp is solid, with all connections being rock steady, as is the back end which is also solid. Inside the boom head is a removable RDM shim adaptor so it’ll fit all mast types. It’s a stiff boom as well – even at half extension. Towards full length you do get a slight amount of flex but it’s nothing significant and hardly surprising as this can be the case with many booms.

On the water and MK’s boom is comfortable to grip, with a reduced diameter (27mm) boom arm which allows finger tips to wrap around and remain in contact without fatigue or strain. Riding over harsh chop, and/or larger chunks of water such as waves, and it remains solid without upsetting your chosen sail’s performance. Through ‘less strain’ moves, such as gybes, there’s absolutely no movement we could detect. With height in the mix and flatter landings the boom remains dependable and tough even if your sail contorts out of all proportion. Even with such forces exerted we had complete confidence in MK’s CPX carbon boom.


A versatile, built to last and affordable boom MK’s CPX carbon boom is worth a look whether you be wave sailor or freeride windsurfer. As extra kudos the MK brand is British which is great to see in a market where the vast majority of windsurfing products are from companies based elsewhere in the world. If you’re a windsurfer who likes to keep it home grown then MK will suit you down to the ground, as well as providing windsurfing accessories with top shelf performance. We enjoyed using the MK CPX boom and would happily recommended to anyone. Long may the brand continue…

Price: £375



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  1. Been using MK carbon booms for the last 15 years or so.Only replaced my last one after 10 years and I weigh 90 kg and go big! Brilliant kit!

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