GET some! – Patrik f-cross 112L GET 2019 windsurf board test

Words: James Jagger

Pics: Jeff Owen

Ever the multi-talented individual usual WSUK camera genius James Jagger also has a few windsurfing skills of his own tucked away. As such, for the purposes of this test of the Patrik f-cross 112L GET constructed freestyle wave, Jimmy took the reigns – over to him for the low down.

Constructed in softer feeling GET construction the f-cross 112L is the second Diethelm shape to grace the pages of WSUK’s test section. The 112L is essentially a freestyle wave board, but one with leanings towards older school designs. That’s not a criticism, in fact, far from it. The extra length, which bucks current shaping trends that favour shorter, rounder outlines, helps with speed, manoeuvrability and flow – all glaringly apparent from the off. It planes super quick with the board’s glide properties helping reach top speeds sooner. Cutting through chop and flotsam, tracking efficiently speed is effectively maintained. If you’re a bigger rider, looking to make use of more marginal winds, then this will be welcome. The GET construction then ensures it delivers a softer ride across choppy waters.

It provides a stable platform for float and ride sailing thanks to its ample volume of 112L. Its rocker line enables punch outs through the whitewater with no issues and once on a wave Patrik’s f-cross holds its rail well in the bottom turn whilst remaining loose in the top turn. Down-the-line wave riding is a pure joy on this board. All this from a supposed all round design, proving that looks and dimensions don’t tell the whole story.

At full power the f-cross feels balanced and lively underfoot and responds extremely well to foot steering. Through gybes it slices a line efficiently and maintains its speed beautifully, due in part to the board’s additional length. The rider can push the board as hard as they like without the fear of tripping a rail and if you’re looking to exit transitions on the plane then you’ll be highly likely of achieving this aboard the 112L.

Taking to the air is easy with the f-cross 112L. The squared-off tail releases and aids lift off – whether from waves or chop. Light construction and speed means getting air time is almost inevitable. In the air it’s controllable and balanced.


Whilst some may be put off by the high volume, the f-cross 112L actually remains balanced and controllable in higher winds and rougher sea states. As such it’s more than just a heavy-weights light-wind wave board. The benefits of the f-cross’ overall shape, such as additional length helping with early planing and planing gybes, means it’ll find favour with anyone who’s been missing these traits.




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