Old school cool – NoveNove (99 International) Style Wave GLS 95 2018 freestyle wave windsurfing board review

In a world where multi-fin windsurfing boards are all the rage it’s easy to forget the lowly single fin, which in many cases would still be the best choice of sled to cover as wide a condition set as possible. NoveNove’s Style Wave GLS 95 is the harder wearing construction of the brand’s freestyle wave offering. The pro line gives option of changing fin configuration via its Slot Box fitting, whereas the GLS is single only.

Everyone who set eyes on the SW GLS commented how it looked like a classic, established shape. And that it is. At 95L and 61cm wide there are no unnecessary frills with the GLS. Instead riders get a well-made and dependable platform that’s more versatile than you’d think.

Setting up the SW GLS is pretty standard fair with a G10 MFC 25cm Powerbox fin slotting in the rear and soft, comfortable straps able to be configured how riders see fit. For those looking at more blasting orientated riding then it’s possible to affix a double back strap whereas manoeuvre focused sailors can go more inboard with single back strap.

For many 95L will be seen as a medium wind strength board. It should be noted, however, the Style Wave GLS copes well in marginal conditions and stronger blows, offering both early planing and control when needed.

Top speed is admirable, riders able to position their back foot right on the rail to drive off the fin and send the board scooting upwind. When a suitable ramp rears up simply slot tootsies back into straps and boost! It’s a supremely fulfilling board for jumping with decent air time guaranteed, such is the GLS’s projection.

For riders presented with small to medium waves it’s surprising how adept a carver the GLS is – even with a 25cm fin. Laying into a drawn out bottom turn the board bites and slingshots back towards the lip where it’s super easy to redirect and send buckets. Hardened wave heads may scoff but it’s a board that delivers big on the fun factor when riding swells, which is the main thing.


NoveNove’s Style wave GLS 95 is a smile inducing board that ticks many boxes for all manner of windsurfer. Out and out freeriders will (literally) have a blast whereas those into wave bashing will find more performance than anticipated – full power top turns being a case in point. Even sliding freestylers will discover a suitable crossover sled that copes well with the odd vulcan, spock or flaka. Good looks, durability and versatility is pretty much the name of the game with the GLS – we’re sure many riders would happily own this board as either part of a quiver or stand alone windsurf board for blowier conditions.

Price: 1.899€ (Pro version: 2.199€)

Info: https://www.i-99.it/all-windsurf/



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