R – Robby Naish, legend of windsurfing, multiple times champion, cross discipline ocean athlete

Robert Staunton Naish – Robby Naish to you and I – is a true legend of windsurfing. Being involved from the early days as a young surfer who saw what windsurfing had to offer Robby went on to win multiple competitions, nail extraordinary windsufing feats, set up his own successful watersports brands and continue to push and evolve within a number of ocean disciplines. Even into his 50s Robby shows no sign of slowing down.

Windsurfing from 11, having moved to Oahu, Hawaii, from California Robby won his first Windsurfing World Title in 1976 age 13. He then won a further three consecutive titles. Naish had further competitive success in the 80s with a final PWA World Title in 1991.

His trademark moves include the table top and forward loop, Robby being the first person to loop a 3.72m longboard Mistral Equipe. He was one of the first riders to take up kitesurfing and won world titles in both kite slalom and jumping. He also saw the appeal of stand up paddle boarding early and more recently windsurf hydrofoiling (windfoil), SUP foiling, kite foiling and surf foiling. More recently Naish has been experimenting with revived kite wing concepts, thereby showcasing his ability to keep pushing and evolving his skills as a waterman as well as his Naish brand.

Having appeared in numerous clips and movie edits Robby Naish is a true windsurfing personality, household name and legend that many riders, young and old, still look up to and take inspiration from.

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