Reap what you sow – Witchcraft Reaper 102 windsurf board test

Non-POV pics: Geraint Roberts

Witchcraft is synonymous with bomb proof wave board and wave sail designs. The Reaper therefore may surprise many with its different personalities (depending on fin set up) and overall versatility.

Out of the box WC’s Reaper 102 looks more like a custom board. In fact, all WC windsurf boards have this trait, even though many riders will be purchasing production sleds. (WC do offer a full custom shaping service as well). Walking down the beach with the Reaper certainly gets heads turning. Even though the brand has been in existence for many years Bouke Becker’s designs always prick interests.

Another unique trait is the three thruster fins which come close sizes, rather than the significantly bigger central fin you get in most cases. Having honed the thruster shape over countless hours all WC tri fins are guaranteed to perform at an optimum.

From the beach the Reaper powers up instantly. We initially thought it may require an additional boost of oomph to get planing, yet with a flatter rocker and wide tail there are no issues revving up to full speed.

For sailors who lean more to freeride coastal sailing, with a bit of wave riding here and there, it’ll be comforting to know the Reaper 102 is a perfectly adequate blaster. WC suggest swapping the central fin to a bigger type for this style of riding. Yet even with stock fins still in place it’s an adept bump and jump machine with enough speed and projection through low altitude flights to keep most happy. If you follow advice and insert a bigger fin then you get the same and more. Whilst not technically freewave it certainly displays similar traits.

Get involved in some real world wave action, however, and the Reaper 102 is a grin inducing toy. For a sled with minimal rocker it fits snuggly into the wave’s pocket and delivers fast rail to rail carves, gripping just when riders need. It’s possible to get a few slides going but it prefers a fully extended turn with buckets of spray chucked in the process.

Full power aerial boosts off waves are rewarding with the Reaper’s compact shape allowing for snappy rotations. New school tricksters will also find favour with the board as the wider nose helps transition through moves like takas.


Bomb proof, with custom board good looks, Witchcraft’s Reaper 102 will win over riders who sail at coastal venues. Able to straddle freewave and full on wave sailing environments it’s a tunable board that full rail carving orientated windsurfers will enjoy. In the air the Reaper achieves decent height and it copes with full power conditions admirably (we had it out in fully lit 4.5m weather with no issue). If you’re searching for an alternative coastal windsurfing board, poised to make use of real world scenarios, then WC’s Reaper 102 could fit the bill nicely.

Price: From 2009 Euros



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