RRD Vogue Pro 5m MK9 windsurfing wave sail review

RRDWith autumn/winter prime wave season upon us here in the UK any sailor looking to tackle the juice will need some apt tools for the job. Whether charging down the line conditions or looking for ultimate control in gnarly winds and confused seas having the right kit for the job is key. Enter RRD’s Vogue Pro 5m MK9, ready and willing to get riders revved up and out there amongst it.

First looks

Designed by the UK’s John Skye with comfort and control in mind RRD’s Voge Pro 5m four batten wave sail is billed as the ultimate tool for when winds become gusty and ferocious. A huge doff of the cap must be given to RRD who have paid great attention to detail and look to help sailors at every step. As such there are a number of visual trim guides to help when rigging and tuning.

Solid construction, but with typical Italian styling and aesthetics, make the Vogue Pro one eye catching piece of gear. Rigging on the brand’s Vogue Pro mast it sets easily with minimal fuss. A unique part of the concept is the way the clew has been engineered. Or rather how the eyelets have been integrated. With an outer and inner clew fixing point sailors are free to set outhauls according to how much control they need. For most the outer loop will suffice but if conditions start to ramp up then affixing the outhaul at the inner setting will improve the Vogue’s already exemplary manners. If control’s what you need then control’s what you’ll get.

On the water

RRD’s Vogue Pro 5m has a pretty grunty bottom end – unsurprising with it being a four batten. On the minimum setting it’s a sail that delivers a hearty dose of vroom that’ll unstick even the most stubborn of boards. It’s also super reactive and responds well from rider input – pumping in marginal winds will see the power switch on instantly.

Once up and running it’s a composed ride, especially across chop and confused water states, feeling light in the hands. Taking each run in its stride the Vogue Pro can be thrown at a variety of windsurfing scenarios – from flatter water to waves – without issue. Even though it’s billed as a full on wave sail there’s plenty of versatility ensuring it finding favour with a wide variety of sailors and styles.

Through moves the Vogue retains its manners perfectly. Round corners there’s enough drive to power smaller boards through each turn without losing momentum whilst in the air riders will discover oomph for big boosts and whip to swivel through inverted rotations without issue. For those of a new school, freestyle orientated bent, it also scores highly on this front. The key thing though is just how composed the 5m remains as gusts hit. The gnarlier the conditions the more the Vogue laps this weather up.


As a sail for stronger wind action RRD’s Vogue Pro 5m four batten sail is a tool that will get you ripping. The Vogue is applicable to a wide range of windy conditions and has a vast range of tuning ability, rewarding those riders who learn about the gear and understand what settings are applicable to each scenario.

The Vogue Pro 5m will also suit riders who dabble with the odd flatter water trick whereas as well as deliver pure wave riding performance in quality conditions, for those who have access.



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