Slice of nice – Zeeko Carver 950 carbon windfoil wing review

Words & pics: WSUK

Zeeko’s 2018 alloy/G10 Windfoil model was a hit with us here at Windsurfing UK. Offering super smooth foiling performance and with a bunch of features – such as the Anti-Ventilation Skin designed to halt cavitation – it flew a bunch of our test boards during 2018’s summer.

For 2019 Nicolas Caillou’s French brand has introduced a number of new products to the line including the all carbon Carver 950 wing. Check Zeeko’s social media feed and you’ll find a vid of Nicolas himself putting the Carver through its paces.

We have to say that much like Zeeko’s products in general the Carver 950 is an aesthetically pleasing windfoil toy. The high level of finish is top shelf. Also, being modular in design means it’s a quick swap out of the original XLW G10 wing to replace with the Carver 950.

Zeeko state the Carver 950 is optimised for board’s around 75cm in width or less. This isn’t a wing for your tricked out race machine. After all, it’s all in the name. For a carving orientated wing you need a carving orientated board. This is a tool for foilers that want nimble agility.

Being a sort of hybrid wing, falling somewhere between true high aspect and true low aspect, the chord is significant enough for the lift generated to be a touch greater than the XLW. Nicolas has kept things within range, however, as one of Zeeko’s USP’s is speed and too thick/wide would result in a revs lost due to excessive drag. You can, however, feel the earlier lift in comparison to the original XLW which now allows a sail size between half and a metre smaller to be used.

Once up and flying Zeeko’s signature smooth ride feel isn’t lost. This was a great trait with 2018’s Windfoil so it’s comforting that the buttery glide and stability is still there. But, carve it says on the tin and carve it certainly does. The tips of the wing are a touch upturned which provides grip through gybes and tacks (plus any other move you fancy attempting). You can back off the gas and the wing slows right down allowing achievable results.

Also of note: the Carver 950 still equips the Zeeko with jumping prowess. It was always a good foil for boosting and with the new wing attached it’s still the case, but just does so in a more refined manner. The wing releases efficiently from the water and can spring pretty high.


Modular wind foil systems are certainly the way to go. Being able to tweak your feel and switch styles is awesome. In this instance what was already a good foil set up is now geared for even greater manoeuvrability, as well as the aforementioned jumping performance the Zeeko had anyway. We love it – you probably will too!


469 Euro


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