Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Original moves – RRD FireMove 120L E-Tech V3 2017 review

RRD were one of the first brands to introduce the thinned out freeride board concept. Short and wide boards (Widestyle anyone?) aren’t exactly new but utilising the concept and tweaking to enhance the blasting/everyman planing windsurfing experience has been a winner. The version we got our grubbies on is RRD’s E-Tech FM. E-Tech is RRD’s harder wearing technology that shakes […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Feathery versatility – Severne NCX 8m 2017 freeride windsurf sail review

Billed as no cam freerace sails Severne’s NCX range continues to draw admirers from all corners. Looking unique and instantly identifiable the NCX 8m is a bold looking tool for making use of lighter winds. Although we used both colourways of the 2017 Severne NCX, this didn’t affect things as aesthetics are just that – performance is the same regardless. […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Burning bright – RRD Firemove 100L E-tech 2017 windsurf board review

Words: Mic Brignall Pics: Lawrence Sinclair With the 120 version of RRD’s Firemove featured in the summer 2017 issue of Windsurfing UK Mic Brignall checks out the 100 E-Tech type. Over to Mic for more.   Manufactured with a Polysterene middle, glass fibre second layer and an Epoxy outer skin RRD’s Firemove 100 is durable and eye catching in equal […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Boosting parallels – Fanatic Freewave Stubby 105L 2017 windsurf board review

Non-POV pics James Jagger Photography Freestyle wave boards: the do it all, go to tools for most windsurfers looking to dabble with all kinds of sailing. Except we know no one single piece of windsurfing equipment can cover all bases, can it? Fanatic have made rapid progress with their stubby parallel rail concept FSW. With its duck’s bill nose and […]

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National Watersports Festival 2017 Windsurfing Awards

At this year’s NWF, and its new home of Rutland Water, time was set aside to present the annual windsurfing awards in the following categories. Windsurfing Coach of the Year Young Windsurfer of the Year Most Inspiring Windsurfer of the Year Windsurfing Club of the Year Coaches are an essential part of windsurfing, weather its teaching absolute beginners or advanced […]