Feathery versatility – Severne NCX 8m 2017 freeride windsurf sail review

Billed as no cam freerace sails Severne’s NCX range continues to draw admirers from all corners. Looking unique and instantly identifiable the NCX 8m is a bold looking tool for making use of lighter winds. Although we used both colourways of the 2017 Severne NCX, this didn’t affect things as aesthetics are just that – performance is the same regardless.

Severne describe the NCX as having a huge wind range and putting this to the test we concur. When low wind speeds hit, tune accordingly for early planing performance. As gusts increase change the sail’s settings and voila, you have an accommodating wing that’ll keep you on the water without having to change down.

8m sails are right on the cusp of what most recreational sailors deem to be big. The easy going nature of the NCX does, however, belie the fact there’s a low end grunty beast just wanting to propel riders on to the plane. There’s certainly no lack of bottom end oomph with windsurfers up and running in no time. Lighter sailors will revel in the fact that the experience is smooth, with no bad behaviourisms trying to pull bodies into awkward shapes.

As much as burning up straight line miles is the NCX 8m’s forte it’s a sail that really shines when banging out moves. OK, you’re not in the realms of aerial contortionism, due to its size, but duck gybes, full power carves and downwind/upwind rotations are fulfilling and rewarding – surprising some may find for an 8m.


Through each manoeuvre the NCX keeps its composure and displays characteristics of a much smaller sail. With confidence there’s absolutely no reason why riders couldn’t learn various types of trickery on a sail this size. But likewise there’s nothing wrong with simply burning and turning if this is more your thing.

Paired with a mid-sized board the NCX 8m is efficient and fine for a bit of slalom/drag racing should that take anyone’s fancy. It holds its own against much more dedicated foils/set ups and therefore could be a good choice for any rider looking at dabbling with racing. Stick it on a bigger board and it’s early planing a go-go. Both elements lend to the NCX 8m versatility, ensuring it’ll find favour with many.


Severne’s NCX 8m is a highly desirable sail that straddles many different windsurfing areas. If early planing is your requirement then you’ll be served well, whereas manoeuvre orientated riders will also find favour with it. In terms of handling it’s a stand out for a big size, displaying many characteristics you’d find with smaller sails. Rigging is easy and the overall aesthetic/finish is high end as you’d expect. It’s no wonder the NCX range has found favour with many and will no doubt continue to do so.

Price: £639

Info: http://www.severnesails.com/freeride-sails/severne-ncx-1

Thanks to Neilson Holidays who helped out with this review.

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