Learning to windfoil, with Dave Ludgate.
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Learning to windfoil, with Dave Ludgate.

Irish windsurfer Dave Ludgate has recently begun his windfoil journey. The man from Cork says it’s been on his radar for a while. But only recently has he had the chance to get stuck in. Whilst he’s learning Dave is also aiming to document his progress via a series of vlogs. These are warts and all stories from each session […]

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Dave Ludgate (aka Subowti) joins NCW’s Tahe Techno/Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf team.

You probably won’t know Cork based Dave Ludgate. He’s not a pro windsurfer and doesn’t charge huge Pe’ahi in Maui. He’s not a radical windfoil sailor and isn’t about to break the 60 knot speed barrier. But. He’s a super enthusiastic freerider and environemntally conscious sailor epitomising exactly what real world windsurfers are all about. Which is why NCW have […]