Dave Ludgate (aka Subowti) joins NCW’s Tahe Techno/Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf team.

You probably won’t know Cork based Dave Ludgate. He’s not a pro windsurfer and doesn’t charge huge Pe’ahi in Maui. He’s not a radical windfoil sailor and isn’t about to break the 60 knot speed barrier. But. He’s a super enthusiastic freerider and environemntally conscious sailor epitomising exactly what real world windsurfers are all about. Which is why NCW have taken Dave on as their Tahe Techno windsurf boards and Nautix Windsurfing sails ambassador.

Dave’s new sled: Tahe Techno 148L freeride windsurfing board.

Dave’s regularly out and about, getting amongst it on various watery craft around the Cork (Ireland) area. He’s often clearing plastic and debris from the southern Irish seas aboard his trusty SUP and with his imminent new Tahe Techno windsurf board and Nautix windsurf rig he’ll being doing the same on less blowy days. Utilising his trusty windsurf kit there’ll be plenty of additional environmental work carried out, before getting involved with some planing windsurf action as the breeze ramps up.

Dave ready for some windsurf blasting action.

It’s refreshing to see a team rider like Dave who’s simply in it for the passion. As an ambassador for everyman and woman windsurfing, with a dollop of Tahe/Nautix kit on the side, it’ll be fun seeing what the man from Cork gets up to.

Nautix windsurfing’s new range of freeride sails.

Dave said, ‘Hi, my name is Dave Ludgate and I run the social media accounts @subowti. I’m very excited about working with Tahe/Nautix and continuing my work with North Coast Wetsuits as a team rider. I have been windsurfing on and off since I was a teenager and I’m really looking forward to getting back into blasting on the Tahe Techno 148L and the Nautix Freeride 6.0m. Here’s to long days of sunshine and breeze.’

You can check out the Tahe Techno windsurf board and Nautix Windsurf freeride sail range here –


Keep up to date with Dave’s adventures via his Subowti social media feeds –



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