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Watersports Nomad, the story so far – with Adam Chubbock.

Watersports Nomad exited 2023 with a bang. The Vassiliki based windsurfing, sailing and paddle boarding instructor training company had undergone a rebrand. This is never easy. But with grit, guts and determination Watersports Nomad’s main man – Adam ‘Chubsey’ Chubbock – lit a fire and never looked back. Here’s the Watersports Nomad story far… Pics: Miles Taylor / PROtography. Tell […]

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Windsurfing instructor course discounts with Watersports Nomad.

Windsurfing instructor courses are just about to kick off with our friends at Watersports Nomad, Vassiliki, Greece. The good news is anyone contemplating enrolling on a Watersports Nomad windsurfing instructor course in May will benefit from a 10% discount! What’s not to like? Windsurfing all summer in one of Europe’s finest Mediterranean wind resorts and coming away with a professional […]

Windsurfing all summer - with Watersports Nomad instructor courses.
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Windsurfing all summer – with Watersports Nomad instructor courses.

Windsurfing all summer, at a world-renowned Greek windsurf location? Getting qualified as a windsurfing and watersports instructor? Meeting new friends for life? Changing your situation? Getting employed in the watersports industry? Absolutely loving it? Sounds too good to be true? Not if you enroll on a Watersports Noamd Instructor course this season. Based on the hallowed windsurfing shores of Vassiliki […]