Watersports Nomad, the story so far – with Adam Chubbock.

Watersports Nomad exited 2023 with a bang. The Vassiliki based windsurfing, sailing and paddle boarding instructor training company had undergone a rebrand. This is never easy. But with grit, guts and determination Watersports Nomad’s main man – Adam ‘Chubsey’ Chubbock – lit a fire and never looked back. Here’s the Watersports Nomad story far…

Pics: Miles Taylor / PROtography.

Windsurfing in Vass Watersports Nomad style.

Tell us, if you can, how Watersports Nomad came to be: 

Watersports Nomad was born during Covid in the dark days when we were considering if the world would ever be the same again. I thought: “Am I MAD to be RE starting a watersports Instructor training company in Greece??” Then I thought of all the people that have been through Vassiliki instructor training and had a life changing experience and gone on to travel the world using their watersports qualifications. I thought that’s NOT MAD hence WATERSPORTS NO-MAD

What was the story behind the branding?

The Compass is a symbol of Nomads and people that travel the world, the colours are blue for the ocean and Yellow for the sun.  But the KEY detail is that the compass is pointing NORTH WEST and anyone who has been to Vass knows that when the wind comes from that direction it makes the famous cross shore wind!

What aims did you have in place for Watersports Nomad before the season started?

The Aims for all Watersports Nomad Students on our courses in Vassiliki are as always: 

  1. Push your personal Windsurfing / Sailing skills as far as you possibly can. 
  2. Pass the RYA instructor Certification and complete all the personal pre-requisite certificates, tests and powerboat exams. 
  3. Learn all the skills and tricks required to be a competent seasonnaire living and working in a foreign country and gain employment at the end if that’s your goal. 

And how was the start of Watersort Nomad’s 2023 season?

The start of the season is always exciting. There is a buzz in the air because everyone is excited to be there, reunited with old friends and making new ones.  With everyone telling stories about their winter and getting charged up on the summer ahead. The temperature is nice and there is usually lots of water-time! 

What about the rest of summer? Anything you may change in 2024?

Peak season was full power as always, the time flies because there is so much going on every day. We were super busy and the social scene was pumping along with the afternoon wind!  The courses have already had eFoiling, SUP instructor and eBiking added to the package which we will be keeping for 2024, the team socials were also a big hit so we will do more of those. 

You’ve been in the game a long time. How has the watersports instructor industry changed?

I see that the industry is still fulfilling the objectives of allowing people to have the sunshine escapes and travel either during uni breaks or instead of uni all together.  However, there is a massive opportunity for people to make more of a career. The main companies and high end operators are crying out for people with higher level qualifications and experience to fill their management roles which can provide a skill set and travel opportunities that will set you up for a lifetime! 

This is the life!

Is becoming a windsurfing, sailing or SUP instructor a viable career path?

Absolutely! But you need to be adaptable and pay attention to the path you want to take.  These qualifications can open doors and allow opportunities to present themselves that you never knew would be possible. You will meet many new people and the next step will become clear usually 6 months at a time….

What would you say to convince anyone considering it?

I will use a quote from one of our feedback forms: 

‘It’s an amazing experience like nothing else; a great way to learn and progress in a sport and become an instructor in the sunshine. The location and equipment are fantastic and there is lots of water time! The Instructors are so friendly and personable they make you feel like you are joining a new family!’

Everyone, regardless of previous experience, can become a windsurfing instructor.

How’s Vass these days? Is it still that classic windsurf location we all remember?

Vass still has all the elements in one place; a range of wind conditions throughout the day to suit all levels, warm water, a gently shelving sandbar, brand new equipment.  The strong wind in the afternoons allows everyone to participate in the show or to watch from the bar, either way the energy is exciting. Vass has also expanded its repertoire to Foiling and eFoiling plus the biking and eBiking just keeps getting better. There’s too much to do!

What about the party side of the town? Is that the same?

The Party scene is still based on all the original factors: a load of like-minded individuals thrown into a small easy going Greek village, with relaxed rules and warm long evenings!

The WILDWIND and CLUB VASS BBQs are both very fun events each week and the Zues bar is available at (nearly) all hours!

Mr Chubs himself enjoying some windsurfing time.

Any classic windsurf sessions from this summer stand out for you?

We had some great sessions in September this year. The weather stayed warm and having strong wind with fewer people in the bay allowed the staff to celebrate the end of peak season with some ripping around! It always feels like winning when you know it’s chilling down in the UK but the summer is still in full swing in Vass. 

What about other memories? Got anything specific that’ll stay with you for a while?

Many special memories have been created this summer, we have had a fantastic bunch of students with a wide range of ages and backgrounds, we have trained over 45 new instructors who are ready to take on the world! The times I love are celebrating the countless breakthroughs of the first time footstraps, planing, waterstarts and carve gybes, with hard earned beers at the beach bar!!  The party stories will live on with these guys who will be friends for life no doubt!

Foiling fun with Watersports Nomad.

Any plans for the winter?

I am already planning for next summer, reserving spaces and making sure everything is ready.  I will be spending time with my family in Vass and Uk, also planning to do a trip to Bonaire for some private coaching and Caribbean time. 

And what about Watersports Nomad in 2024? 

The courses for 2024 have the highest level of pre-bookings I have ever experienced, some of the courses are full or nearly full already. It’s going to be mega!

Be here – change your life with Watersports Nomad.

I am hoping to have the same staff team back as they were amazing this year. 

Thanks and praise?

I have to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my team; Jake Williams, Alex Mclean, Scott McKenzie and Ricky Catherine! As always thanks to Ollie Scott and everyone at Club Vass as Well as Joe Bennett and the team at Wildwind, not forgetting Sam at E-Vass. 

If you want to find out more about how to become a windsurfing instructor head over to the Watersports Noamd website here.

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