The amphibian – Hey Dude Shoes Mistral Airflow trainer review

With a name like Mistral we can’t not feature Hey Dude Shoes’ amphibious trainers in Windsurfing UK’s reviews section. As another example of stylish tootsie apparel these brand’s funky looking foot hammocks are go anywhere/do anything active designs that lend themselves to all manner of watery/beachside scenarios.

Aesthetics wise Hey Dude Shoes’ Mistral trainers look sporty and athletic. They’re lightweight and while robust we’d suggest not be used for rugged terrain and such like. For beach wear, however, they’re perfect. Or alternatively don away from the brine in relaxed environments.

We’ve reviewed and used a whole plethora of different Hey Dude Shoes offerings in the past and all are super high quality, well manufactured and fit for purpose. The Mistrals are no different in this sense. Feature a breathable upper, elasticated foot cage and a drainage pot sole that feels like walking on air they’re literally like wearing a trusted pair of slippers.

Allowing moisture in wearers can use the Mistrals in watery environments without fear of saturation. Having the aerated upper allows air to flow through thereby aiding the quick dry process. It’s also good for non-pongy sockless wearing as the re-circulation helps keep odours at bay.

We’ve been using Hey Dude Shoes’ Mistral kicks extensively during the summer for beach sojourns. As many will be aware it’s been a wet middle part of the season and these have been just the ticket. Allowing protection whilst rigging up on the shingle but not needing to worry about damp they’ve been a go to pairing. On top of this we’ve even enjoyed a few stand up paddle sessions, swapping summer neoprene booties for the Mistrals when facing off against rocky coastline. In all scenarios they’re dependable and versatile.


Hey Dude Shoes’ Mistral Airflow trainers offer amazing comfort with the addition of being amphibious and therefore applicable to both wet and dry environments. With their unique aesthetic and breezy performance, due to air being able to flow through each shoe, they’re a good option for water babies on and off the water. Style wise they’re more urban than previous Hey Dude Shoes offerings we’ve used but no less desirable. Funky, secure and practical – perfect for windsurfers, SUPers or any other type of H20 addict.

Price: £55


Available in three different colourways for men and women – 

Men’s –

Women’s –


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