Three BWA competitors give us their 2020 vision – Phil Horrocks, Lee ‘Pasty‘ Harvey & Caitlin Boothroyd.

Mark Dowson caught up with three different members of the BWA family planning to get involved in the 2020 Season. Namely, Phil Horrocks 2019 Pro Champ, Lee ‘Pasty‘ Harvey 2019 Masters Champ and Rhosneigr ‘Future Pro’ Caitlin Boothroyd.

Phil left me a voice message, which I hope to be able to translate accurately, as he organised his family summer escape, Caitlin got full marks with a neatly presented word document and Lee answered whilst out at sea fishing via Facebook messenger and phone! All three are passionate about windsurfing and I was fascinated to hear of their 2020 tour plans!

BWA – Future Pro (Rhosneigr) Cailin Boothroyd

Caitlin, you have been a keen participant in the Future Pros, and I know you love being on the race scene – what are your competition and Future Pros Camp plans for 2020?

I’ve been doing the RYA’s Junior Pathway so lots of Techno racing. I love racing – it’s developed my skills, taken me to some amazing places and I’ve made windsurfing friends all over the world at events! This is my final year on Techno and if the Worlds (at Lake Garda in October) goes ahead I will be there. I’m also getting into foiling and I’m starting to try some freestyle, but I really want to get into wave sailing too! If I can get to another FuturePros camp this year I will, and I’m also intending to get out at Rhosneigr whenever I can.

Louise emery, a past BWA ladies champion, donated a custom wave board to the programme and you were the obvious recipient! How are you finding the board and how has the future Pros programme helped you to develop your waveriding?

I love this board so much! Thank you to Louise, and the BWA / Future Pros! It’s a lot smaller than the race kit I was used to, but as soon as I tried it on a windy day at my home spot in West Kirby it felt really manoeuvrable and light, which made jumping and riding small waves on the estuary much easier! Now I have got used to riding it on flat water, I can’t wait to take it to Rhosneigr to try some proper waveriding!

Anything else you wish to add?

I’d definitely recommend the BWA FuturePros camps to all young windsurfers. If you’re confident on a short board in the harness and straps, you’ll love it. They’re really awesome weekends, you meet and get tips from some top wave sailors – you will learn a lot! Whatever the conditions, it will be great fun and a good experience, and you’ll meet lots of other young windsurfers.


Thanks to the Mailing Room and Amiri Construction for sponsoring it, and to Mark Hosegood, Will Maclean, Mark Dowson and all the BWA guys for running the FuturePros programme.

Big thanks also to Simon Moore and Boardwise, O’Shea Surf and Vivida Lifestyle for helping me out.

Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey 2019 BWA Masters Champion

What are your current plans or the 2020 season?

I’d love to go to Tiree as it is such an amazing event, but sadly I’m not sure it is the right time for myself and my family to travel to the islands. If Cornwall is able to run then that could be a different story!

2020! A strange year! Have you managed to get on the water?

A strange year indeed. During lockdown the surf was pumping here, yet we were forced to not even go walking, with some very vocal people on social media. Now however that has all been forgotten and we are busier than ever with tourists and the water is full of windsurfers every day it is windy. Cornwall’s Covid cases are now higher than anytime in lockdown which is scary for the months ahead.

Tell us a little bit about your kite and windsurfing coaching business? Has that benefited from your success in both the Kiting & Windsurfing world?

I set up Pasty Adventures 12 years ago after coaching and teaching water sports all over the world since the age of 17, including 5 years in Vassiliki. Over the last few years I have been pushing the coaching side more and for 2020 had already decided to not run beginner sessions. This has left me time to be more flexible in terms of coaching in the right conditions for wave riding, foiling and jumping both in kitesurfing and windsurfing which is great and working well. This also means I am riding more than ever instead of spending hours stood up to my waist in water!

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing seems to be attracting more people than ever this year. Please remember and encourage others to respect other water users while being safe and having good etiquette, especially in the waves.


Thanks to Duotone, ION and Fanatic for all the support and making the best gear for all conditions. To keep in touch follow on Instagram and Facebook @pastyadventures or visit the website

BWA 2019 Pro Champion Phil Horrocks

What are your current plans or the 2020 season?

Hi, yes, the plans are to do all the events for 2020.  We are lucky as we will hopefully have two good events, that have both delivered in the past. I booked my ferry for Tiree the day after the last event so I had always planned to return.

2020! A strange year! Have you managed to get on the water?

After leaving Tiree and competing in Cornwall last year we had a 4 week trip to Chile which was amazing. We were super lucky with the conditions and got lots of great sailing in. Then we returned home and we got a winter with loads and loads of good sailing too! The good conditions stopped as lockdown began, we really only missed one or two sessions, so we can’t complain really. As soon as lockdown ended the conditions returned with thumping 3.7m weather the first session back! It’s been good. Now it is summer and it has gone flat, but we cannot complain. We are now planning to head off to Galicia and work on my surfing. So, it is a family camping trip which is going to be good. Tiree is the next big one!

What did you learn from lockdown?

I leant to plan ahead more, I had a few jobs I wanted to do around the house, but I was lacking the materials I needed. The other thing I discovered was a deeper respect for Mica and how she has dealt with three children, schooling and teaching them all; it has been incredible to witness what she has done!


Simmer Sails & Boards, The Mailing Room.

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