Upgraded Ianovated windsurfing palmless mitts first run out (review)

With the recent UK spring weather not being exactly spring-like it’s been a good period for testing cold water windsurfing gear and how well this kit stands up to the chill. Here Windsurfing UK’s editor, Tez Plavenieks, took the upgraded Ianovated palmless mitts for a first run out.

Many may recall the, er, innovative wetsuit featuring rubber tubes running down the arms and into a pair of the brand’s first generation gloves. A mouthpiece then allowed warm breath to filter down the tubes and keep fingers and fingertips cold free.

The gloves featured in the vid are an upgraded design, with a patented rubber edge running along the finger pockets. These allow for efficient, fatigue free gripping of the boom. They’re also pre-shaped with a secure fit that doesn’t induce further fatigue or cramps in this area.

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