What’s in a name? – BIC Wind SUP 11’6 Performer ACE-TEC test.

Words & pics: WSUK

Proving that names mean absolutely nothing – similar to overall dimensions – BIC’s ACE-TEC constructed Wind SUP 11’6 Performer is a more akin to a longboard windsurfer, that also paddles nicely, than a stand up paddle board that allows for rigs to be attached.

WindSUP isn’t new. Windsurf instructors have been using them as teaching tools since paddle boards appeared. Riders themselves also use windSUPs for making use of light winds when forecasts don’t materialise. BIC’s Wind SUP Performer, however, with its removable daggerboard offers a whole lot more efficiency in terms of light wind windsurfing than your standard SUP with rig attachment. This just so happens to be coupled with additional paddle wielding versatility.

With an uncluttered deck free of footstraps the Performer’s ride from the off is uncomplicated. Even in light airs (sub-8 knots) a sail less than 5m will having you powering through chop/flotsam, the daggerboard down allowing for swift upwind progress. Cruise to windward, reach your destination, then spin it to win it and head back of down breeze back to point A. Or keep on cruising – the choice is yours.

Through moves, such as tacks and gybes (and even some old school flick flack), the BIC remains stable and composed. It wouldn’t make too bad a beginner sled for those prepared to put the work in. Tracking is great with a lively, playful feel to be discovered should pilots step back onto the tail and all in it’s fun to mess about on.

It’s also pretty good for a spot of wave riding. OK, you’re not going to ripping/shredding turns but then that wouldn’t be the point. Picking up small swells with ease it’s a proper glider with riders able to simply enjoy the feeling of being propelled along by ocean power.

Should the wind do one then grab a paddle and go for a sweep, SUP style. We’re big fans of multi-tool sleds, and that includes this style of board also. For pure smiles miles wide stoke you can’t knock BIC’s Wind SUP 11’6 Performer.


Applicable to a wide variety of scenarios, from wind powered to paddle powered, BIC’s ACE-TEC Wind SUP Performer is fun and guaranteed to get you on the water whatever the weather. The removable daggerboard is welcome when upwind sojourns are required whilst the board’s glide capabilities see it being applicable for downwind runs and small waves alike. If you’re looking for a versatile toy that’ll see much use in mellow conditions, but also cope when things ramp up a little, BIC’s 11’6 is worth a nose.





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  1. Hi,
    I found online articles on about tests of the Bic Wind Perfoermer and the Windsurfer LT. Can you compare both of them?
    I would like to buy a low wind board with dagger for the whole family for windsurfing and stand up paddling. The BIC is a bit cheaper and looks a bit more robust to me. But the LT seems to have a larger „user group“.
    Which one is more versatile, which on is sturdier?
    Could you please give some tips?

    With thanks in advance and regards

    • That’s a good question. The biggest difference is the Windsurfer LT is more race ready. So if you plan on doing any that’s your choice. But from your comment this doesn’t seem to be the case. In which case interpret race ready as being faster. But the BIC is no slouch. It does er towards windSUP performance in the classic sense. Whereas the LT, whilst you can paddle it is a windsurfing board that you can paddle.

      They’re both fun and it’s a tough choice.

      Let us know what you decide.

  2. Hi Tez,
    Just ordered an 2019 Bic Performer Wind (should be exactly the one you are using in the pictures above).
    During my search I came across the JP Australia Windsurf SUP which looked really promising but is much more expensive and two Mistral boards (Firebird 350 and Albatross 320) which are not really available here in Germany.
    So let‘s hope the board arrives soon and I can test it out. The kids will get a Unifiber Experience Evo II rig, btw.

    Thanks for your help

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