Windfoil test preview vid featuring AHD’s AFS-2 & Horue’s H10 Evo

Windsurfing UK’s editor, Tez Plavenieks, gives us a little preview of what’s to come as far as windfoil test reports are concerned in the next issue. Here we’re looking at AHD’s AFS-2 high performance 100% carbon hyrdrofoil and Horue’s entry level carbon/stainless steel mix H1o Evo.

Windfoil test preview – AFS-2, Horue H10 Evo

A preview of what we've got coming foil test wise in the next issue of Windsurfing UK.Kai Sports Ltd Horue AHD – Windsurfing is Yours Windfoil Zone

Posted by Windsurfing UK on Monday, 19 February 2018

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