Windsurfing autumn 2023 in full swing!

Windsurfing autumn 2023 in full swing!

Windsurfing autumn 2023 is in full swing at time of writing. Having spent a considerable amount of time on foil through summer those off season gales have started coming through and we’ve been getting amongst on the finned kit. The last few days at WSUK HQ have seen full power conditions to say the least – like in the accompanying pics . And there’s more to come!

Boofing one into the shorebreak.

Words: Windsurfing UK. Pics: James Jagger.

Windsurfing still providing the thrills!

Windsurfing has been through some considerable ups and downs in recent times – as any committed rider will be aware. The explosion of wing foiling has seen yet more windy riders (supposedly) shift away from shredding on fin. As big fans of wing foiling ourselves we can see the draw and why. With potentially more time on the water, in lighter airs, winging is an attractive beast. Even though we appreciate not everyone’s into it.

Big splash landings abound!

And yet, we adore windsurfing. As such, we’ve never been keen to chuck the windsurfing gear away. Far from it! The mantra: ‘tools for the job’ is something we live and die by. It’s too easy to get sucked up into one way of doing things. Which considering Mother Nature’s fickle moods in the UK is folly (if you ask us). Having options is a much better pathway we feel. Appreciated, not everyone can afford to hold onto multiple bits of equipment. But there are always going to be days that suit fin riding over foil. A broad mind with watersports these days is therefore a good thing we think.

Flat water or waves, coastal or inland.

Wherever and however you get your windsurfing fix is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to sail. Rules are too constraining after all. And why should there be rules with your fun times? If you’re a flat water blaster then great. Likewise, if your local happens to be bumpy then equally good. Those blessed with idyllic down the line wave sailing we salute you (as well as having surf envy).

Up and over.

And on that note, we feel those grumbles when chasing magazine style conditions, and getting skunked time and again, have disappeared. Windsurfing for the majority is all about the thrill of being connected with nature. Those who do fancy the ‘goose chase’ then all power. But it’s not necessary. Just being on the water, rig in hand, board underfoot is enough for that all important stoke.

Future autumn/winter windsurfing predictions.

There’s never any certainty to long range weather forecasts but the Met Office are currently giving positive signals for breeze. Also, it looks like remaining fairly warm for a while too. WSUK will remain optimistic about the ongoing autumn season into winter. And for anyone else sharing the same view, it’s a big thumbs up from us. Here’s to getting on teh water and windsurfing more…

That carving feeling.

If you’re after some tip top windsurfing gear then head over this link where you’ll find a plethora of good stuff. And for foilers, this is the place you need to be.

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