Y – Yannick Anton: former professional windsurfer now Fuerteventura resident, wave head and school owner

French born Yannick Anton started competing in 1998. Before long his smooth style and windsurfing finnesse started to make observers sit up and take note. Although he’s an incredible sailor – especially when conditions switch on – Yannick’s pro tour successes were up and down. Then a short time in to his career Anton started getting problems with his knees which put his PWA career on indefinite hiatus.

Once on the mend Anton relocated to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, and quickly set up his own windsurf and watersports business/school. These days Anton can be found charging heavy spots like Acid Drop and Puertito. Often out when the wind is light Yannick’s timing on the wave, skill and fearless approach still set him apart from many other riders.

Pics: Witchcraft Windsurfing

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