Windsurfing autumn 2021. Not too bad! (Gallery).
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Windsurfing autumn 2021. Not too bad! (Gallery).

Windsurfing header image: Nik Baker, Avon Beach, South Coast. pic: Radical Exposure. Windsurfing this autumn (2021) has been pretty good by and large. At time of writing gusts are coming through in the Force 10 range at WSUK HQ. The last few weeks have seen all manner of windy shenanigans on the water. All parts of the UK have seen […]

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Windsurfing UK New Year issue: the story behind the cover

Check out the cover from our imminent New Year issue – awesome isn’t? To the layman this may look like just another boosted aerial from Mauritius, One Eye. Yet it’s anything but… The rider in question is one Mike Wand-Tetley, some of you may have come across him. Firstly he’s a good sailor, but no pro. He just happened to […]