Home grown UK watersports brand – North Coast Wetsuits – commits to windsurfing.

Home grown UK watersports brand - North Coast Wetsuits - commits to windsurfing.

Windsurfing often bears the brunt of being ousted in favour of new fads and ways of wind riding. There’re plenty of stories about how the sport gets shoved aside. Yet windsurfing still gets plenty of riders on the water when it’s blowing and there remains a healthy market for equipment – new and used.

Recent windy loops on the Nautix sails 4.5m.

Cornwall based North Coast Wetsuits are a small, family-owned brand that has ramped up its hardware output. Being a purveyor of all things rubber the St Endellion located company recently committed to actual watersports equipment, across windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding and a couple of other areas.

Hearing windsurfing described as one of the UK’s core recreational watersports disciplines it’s refreshing.

NCW team rider Dave Ludgate in action.

Mark Graham (NCW owner) said: North Coast Wetsuits supports UK windsurfing 100%. We have a few windsurf team riders on the books (Ireland’s Dave Ludgate a case in point) and see it as one the original core watersports disciplines. The kit we sell (Tahe Techno windsurf boards and Nautix sails) suits every rider – from beginner to advanced. NCW aims to support the domestic UK scene as much as possible through promotion and sales if gear that’s both fun, engaging and not too elitist – something we know windsurfing has suffered from in the past. NCW wants to see kids, ladies, beginners and improvers all enjoying windsurfing as much as possible. But we can also cater for advanced sailors too! If you need a hand, advice or windsurfing guidance give us a shout.

You can check out North Coast Wetsuits’ range of windsurfing kit here.

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