Windsurfing UK New Year issue: the story behind the cover

Check out the cover from our imminent New Year issue – awesome isn’t? To the layman this may look like just another boosted aerial from Mauritius, One Eye. Yet it’s anything but… The rider in question is one Mike Wand-Tetley, some of you may have come across him. Firstly he’s a good sailor, but no pro. He just happened to be ripping up One Eye during a holiday and was snapped by photographer David Varekamp (good work David – find his website here). So, Mike’s riding mis-matched kit, a ‘real world windsurfer’ putting his own neck on the line at a notoriously shallow tropical break who lucked out with a fabulous shot.

When we clapped eyes on it we knew instantly the picture was cover material. It fits Windsurfing UK’s ethos perfectly and shows we’re committed to ALL windsurfers and showcasing the depth of talent we have in home waters. While we support our professionals wholeheartedly we’re also super keen to paint a wider picture of what being a UK windsurfer is all about.

OK, we admit, not everyone is going to tackle One Eye during their annual windsurfing trip. But hopefully you get the idea of what Windsurfing UK’s all about. And don’t think we’ll only publish content featuring radical action – not true. We’ll happily showcase any part of windsurfing – from beginner to winner (didn’t someone already coin that phrase?). If you have any ideas for stories/articles, or perhaps a killer cover shot of your own, then get in touch. As long as there’s a UK angle we’ll consider it.

To sign off we’d just like to say big thanks for the support Windsurfing UK has received so far. With the first issue of 2018 just about to land we salute all you riders having a dig and enjoying what still is an amazing sport.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Windsurfing UK and maybe we’ll see you out there…

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