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Surprise surprise! – windsurfing fun at Neilson’s Airone Beachclub (Italy)

At the start of 2018 WSUK’s editor and family were invited along to check out Neilson’s Italian new Airone beachclub resort, located on the Calabrian coast. Here’s what they found… Words: Tez Plavenieks Pics: CE Photo, David Green, Fi Plavenieks It’s hard not to look at wind forecasts when heading away on a trip – especially if you’re a windsurfer […]

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U – Universal joint (UJ): windsurfing’s crucial multi-directional mechanical component

As windsurfers we take the humble universal joint for granted, yet it’s the UJ that sets windsurfing apart from many other sailing craft and allows us to perform many of the moves we do. Without the 360 degree articulating joint carve gybes, for instance, simply wouldn’t be attainable. It was Pete Chilvers in 1958 who invented windsurfing, but crucially he […]

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T – Tarifa: reliably windy Spanish holiday spot, brand testing ground and winter training hangout

Tarifa, Spain, is famous for its relentlessness windy conditions and breeze from two very distinct directions – both can serve up a healthy dose of hardcore windsurfing. Wind strengths can often reach 40 knots, without actually being a specific storm! In summer the wind’s direction is usually from the east (cross offshore from the left) whereas autumn see the angle […]

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S – Sotovento, Fuerteventura: long time speed sailing venue, PWA event site and reliably windy holiday spot

Fuerteventura’s south facing Sotovento is a world famous speed windsurfing location and host of the PWA’s freestyle and slalom events that roll in to town during summer. Firmly on the map as a bona fide windy location the Sahara like landscape had little more than a bar and a few apartments 20 years ago. But once windsurfers started clocking serious […]

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Q – Queen Mary Reservoir, Ashford, Middlesex: London’s closest inland windsurfing spot

Queen Mary Reservoir, Ashford, Middlesex, has long been a staple of landlocked London based windsurfers. Due to its high rise nature (the reservoir sits above a lot of the surrounding land) wind strengths can often be 1-2 forces stronger than forecasts suggest. 700 acres of water is where you’ll find every type of windsurfer, from beginners to advanced, and of […]

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L – Luderitz Speed Challenge: windsurfing’s premier speed sailing event and location

Held every year since 2007 the Luderitz Speed Challenge, Namibia, is speed sailing’s premier go fast event and location. A purposely dug canal, 800m long, including starting and stopping zones, sees windsurfers test their mettle by flying along the canal’s shallow waters aiming to break personal and world speed sailing records. One key factor in why Luderitz is so important, […]

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K – Kos, Kefalos, Greece: popular windsurfing holiday hotspot

Situated 15k to the west of Kos’ main airport Kefalos is the quintessential Greek windsurfing destination. Featuring azure coloured water, with cross offshore Meltemi winds and flanked by hilly olive groves and traditional architecture (mixed with modern) it’s a spot that screams summer windsurf holiday resort. It’s also famous for being the birthplace of Hippocrates, who is noted as being the […]

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M – Moreno twins: two ladies who dominate competitive female windsurfing

Iballa and Daida Moreno are two fiercely competitive twins hailing from the sunny Canary Island swho have dominated women’s windsurfing over the years. Both are extremely skilful in a variety of disciplines including wave sailing, freestyle and stand up paddle surfing. With the consistent Trade Winds of the Canaries, plus the proving grounds of Pozo on their doorstep, where inspiration […]

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I – the iRig: 100% inflatable windsurfing rig designed for easy access to windsurfing

Designed to make windsurfing as accessible and easy to learn as possible the iRig debuted late 2016 and is billed as the first fully inflatable windsurfing rig. Utilising kitesurfing technology it’s described as being 70% lighter than standard rigs, floats on the water’s surface and requires next to instruction to use making is a hassle free product to use. Having […]

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N – Nik Baker: x6 World Indoor Windsurfing Champion, Aloha Classic winner and one of Britain’s best windsurfing talents

In 1990 indoor windsurfing was born with the Palais Omnisports de Paris – Bercy making its spectacular debut. It was during this first indoor event that Britain’s Nik Baker, from the south coast, flourished and went on to add a whopping x6 Indoor World Championships to his name. Nik’s no slouch in the actual ocean either and following a long […]